Agricultural Sprayers and AIM Command Spray Technology

Do you want to increase productivity on your farm? If you want to get the highest possible crop yields there are plenty of reasons to buy agricultural sprayers. With their durable design and reliable performance Case sprayers are a great buy. If you are looking to upgrade your farming equipment, the AIM Command Spray System from Case might be ideal.


Image Source: Case IH Website.

Spraying Equipment in Agriculture

Agricultural or crop sprayers are used to disperse herbicides and pesticides onto crops. They can also be used to spread fertiliser. Sprayers range in size and the type that you choose will depend on the size of your farm.

When it comes to farming equipment a trailed sprayer is a helpful device. This type of crop sprayer is attached to a tractor so that it can cover large areas of land. A self-propelled sprayer for sale is another option.

Sprayers from Case are designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture. Their advanced equipment offers you excellent value for money. Another advantage of this farming equipment is that it increases the efficiency of your farm.


Image Source: Case IH Website.

Spraying equipment helps to increase crop yield by offering accuracy, precision and consistency. The innovative design of Case sprayers allows you to cover more land in a shorter period of time. By using these sprayers you are offering seeds a growing environment that gives them the best chance of survival. By creating excellent growing conditions and reducing weeds and pests a crop sprayer plays a role in offering farmers a full value yield.

AIM Command Spray System from Case

Case sprayers are durable and their sturdy design enables them to tackle challenging terrain. Timing is a crucial element of farming and Case agricultural sprayers enable farmers to apply fertilisers and pesticides at the moment that they are needed.


Image Source: Case IH Website.

To decrease crop wastage it is important to have a sprayer that offers the ideal droplet size and rate. Innovative technology allows this model crop sprayer to achieve this goal without being influenced by travel speed.

Equipped with Pulse Width Modulation, this sprayer for sale from Case maintains the optimal application at varying travel speeds. Not only does the technology benefit the crop yield it also decreases wastage of the products that you are spraying onto the fields.


Image Source: Case IH Website.

The placement of the Patriot cab and engine ensures and excellent weight distribution. The design of this spraying equipment allows you to get to fields quickly with reduced soil compaction. These machines have boom lengths which reach 36.5 metres. Their tank capacities reach 4542 litres.

Specifications for the AIM Command Case Sprayer

When you are choosing a Case sprayer it is important to match the type and size of the sprayer to the requirements of your farm. Buying the model that is best suited to your farm’s needs will increase efficiency and productivity. Here is a quick overview of what case sprayers have to offer.

Specifications for the AIM Command Spraying Equipment

Boom lengths (m)Up to 36.5
Tank capacities (l)Up to 4542

Now that you know more about the AIM Command spray system you can choose a model that best meets the requirements of your farm. When it comes to agricultural sprayers these models offer great value for money. Not only do they save you time they also contribute to a greater crop yield. Browse through our collection of classified ads on to find farming equipment for sale online.

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