Claas Baler: Perfect results under all conditions

In the market for quality balers for sale? Today our dedicated team takes a closer look the Rollant 350/340 Claas Baler, highlighting its features and specifications.

The CLAAS Company

Based in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, Germany, the CLAAS Company has been manufacturing a range of quality farming equipment for over 100 years and is known, the world over as a world class provider of harvesting products and services.

stacked bales

The CLAAS company started out in 1913 and was founded by August Claas, who made his start in straw binders. It was a family business and he worked with his brothers, and in 1936 the first combine harvester rolled off the production line. It was the combine harvester that turned the CLAAS company into a highly renowned one, with operations around the world.

To this day, CLAAS is the European market leader for combine harvesters and is a leader for self-propelled forage harvesters too. With a range of state of the art products and technologies, CLAAS harvesters are undoubtedly some of the best in their class, and the world.

An Overview of the Rollant 350/340 Claas Baler

The balers for sale from the Claas brand allow for perfect results under all conditions, thanks to the innovative technology and materials used.

The Rollant 350 /340 Claas Round Balers are among just some of the CLAAS products that have been used around the world for harvesting crops.

If you are in the market for top quality farming equipment, the Claas brand is definitely worth considering. With the range of Claas balers for sale, you can be assured that you will have some of the best options to choose from.

claas balers for sale

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Some of the options available on the market today include everything from Claas Round Balers to Square Balers.

An extremely handy piece of equipment, a baler machine allows for the cutting, raking and compression of crops into bales. This is most often done with crops such as straw, hay or cotton, where the rollers of a baler are used to roll the crop into a circle and once it has reached the optimum size, tie it together for the next part of the process.

So why use a baler? Well, they allow you to easily transport, handle and store crops with ease.

Interested in a baler? The CLAAS Rollant 350 / 340 baler is a variant that is used the world over and the Rollant 350 / 340 baler has a host of top features, benefits and performance capabilities, making it a formidable choice for your baling needs.

Features of Rollant 350 /340 Claas Baler

The Rollant 350/340 Claas balers have different bale sizes, from 1.25 x 1.20 metres with various working widths depending on your needs. Various technology and additions, including the Roto Cut cutterbar, unique bale chamber, cutting and tying options make it an ideal pick.

The Rollant 350 / 340 Claas balers for sale are known for their precise and optimum cutting quality and features that make it a great addition and baler to have on hand during a harvest.

Drive System

The drive system of the Rollant 350 and 340 variants offers a high performance answer to your baling needs. All of the rollers are ones that are driven and include powerful chains to ensure the best results.

round balers for sale

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Operator Terminal and Operations

The handy operator terminal of these Claas Round Balers are ideal for controlling and managing the various functions found in all of the Rollant 350 and 340 models. The Claas terminal is standard and with it, allows you to see the bale counter bale size, pressure and various displays. As you will receive various updates, you will know when to adjust speed, no matter how busy the harvesting day is.

These balers for sale also allow you to manage a range of other functions including the tying methods; either twine or net and can set certain functions, all with the click of a button. If there are any faults, the alert system will kick in and let you know, allowing you to harvest with peace of mind.

If you are looking for the optional lowerable floor, which is available on the pro model, it can be controlled from the terminal.

Intake – Pickup

You’ll find a variety of features within the Rollant 350 /340 as each has various options including the Roto cut and Roto feed models. The Rollant 350 Roto Cut baler machine as well as the Rollant Roto models all have a working width of 2,10 metres, while the Rollant Roto 340 has a working width of 1,85. Each of the models is designed for various uses and each provide the optimum performance and intake systems.

claas baler

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Intake – Feed system

The unique feed system found in the Rollant 350 and 340 variants offers a range of choices for every farmer and every crop. This includes the unique feed rake, feeding the crops into the baling chamber. The feed rake option is for those who may not want to chop a crop but who are still looking for the best performance and the best bales possible.

The Rollant 340 Claas Balers for sale come with a feed rotor and are also ideal for those not looking to chop crops, and instead simply feed the material into the chamber using unique technology.

The Roto Cutting rotor is the pick for those who want to chop up crops and is a well-known choice, and option. The system allows crops to be effectively be chopped and compacted.

rollant feed system

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Another option if you are looking for a cut crop is the 70-mm Roto Cut fine chop Claas balers. The system can run at around 7,000 chops each minute and the cutter bar can be controlled from the terminal.

Thanks to the unique system and structure of the Roto Cut fine chop, a uniform crop is cut each and every time and this helps in later processes.

Bale Chamber

As for the bale chamber and various features all are extra strength and designed for a multitude of uses. These Rollant Claas Round Balers have 16 steel rollers that help compress and turn the various crops into sturdy bales. The new bale rollers within the chamber ensure the highest output. This also means that you’ll have a reliable bale rotation, no matter the conditions.

The unique Rollant Claas Baler maximum pressure system, that includes the use of a mounted three-roller segment alongside a variety of features, means maximum output. The maximum pressure system can only be found on the Rollant 350.

The MPS II offers around 1.3 tons of pressure to help compress and pack bales as efficiently as possible, without losing precious power.

claas baler at work

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

If all that isn’t enough, the Rollant 350 and 340 baler machine variations come with a wrapping system for all your needs.

With the unique wrapping system you can choose between twine or net and can bind your crops however needed. The fully automated wrapping system allows you to save on time.

The prices of the various Claas balers depend on availability, your region and as such, costs may vary depending on this.

If you are in the market for top quality balers for sale, AgriMag is most definitely the place to shop. With a range of some of the best farming equipment for sale in South Africa, you are sure to find the ideal Claas Round balers and more.

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