DAF Trucks: Experience the new XF Range

Increase the efficiency of your business with the new XF trucks. Renowned for their trustworthy performance DAF trucks offer you outstanding transport solutions. If you are looking for DAF trucks for sale, read our informative blog to find out more.


Image Source: DAF Trucks Website.

DAF Trucks Around the World

Business owners across the globe are choosing to find DAF trucks. With over 85 years of experience in the industry DAF manufactures trucks which offer an outstanding performance. Their dedication to providing businesses with excellent transportation solutions is evident in the high quality of their trucks.


The truck manufacturer’s success on the international market is a reflection of their state-of-the-art products. DAF has facilities and dealers in countries across the globe. With their outstanding comfort, convenience and performance it is easy to see why these trucks for sale are so popular.

The XF Range Trucks for sale

The new XF Euro 6 is designed with the needs of your business in mind. Its upgraded drive line and innovative chassis design contribute to the superior efficiency that these trucks offer. Its state-of-the-art design offers a reduced kerb weight which increases the payload of these DAF trucks.


Image Source: DAF Trucks Website.

Another reason to find DAF trucks for sale is their improved safety levels. Their safety systems help to keep the driver and your goods safe. The improved cab interior has lifted comfort levels even higher.

XF trucks have an exterior that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Not only do they get the job done effortlessly but they also create a powerful impression on the road. Their eye-catching black grille and stylish features add to the bold good looks of these trucks. Aluminium accents and steel bumpers complement the trucks’ design. The height of the cab offers easy accessibility.

The XF trucks are equipped with Euro 6 PACCAR MX-13 engines.

Alternatively you could find these trucks for sale with MX-11 engines. These reliable engines offer a powerful performance while still maintaining efficient fuel consumption. The PACCAR MX air compressor offers better fuel efficiency.

The shape of the MX-engines decreases vibrations as well as offering a quieter engine. With service intervals that can reach 150 000 km XF trucks save you time and money on maintenance. The design of the trucks offers a low vulnerability as well as outstanding cooling and airflow.


Image Source: DAF Trucks Website.

The innovative suspension offers increased stability. The fuel capacity of these trucks reaches 15000 litres. For an overview of the different engines that are available take a look at the following table.

Power and Torque offered by the XF Range of DAF Trucks

MX-13 303MX-13 340MX-13 375
Power Output (kW)303340375
Torque (Nm)200023002500

Now that you know more about DAF trucks for sale you can pick a model that best suits the requirements of your business. Browse through the trucks for sale on www.TruckAndTrailer.co.za to find the best truck for your business. Their excellent performance and reasonable running costs make buying a DAF truck an excellent investment.

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