Excellent performance with the GD555 Komatsu Grader

In the market for a top-notch grader for sale? Komatsu equipment is designed with the requirements of their customers in mind. The Komatsu GD555 is a high performance, economic grader. If you want to increase the productivity of your operations while minimising costs, opting for a Komatsu grader for sale might be the perfect option for you.

Finding a reliable grader can enhance the productivity of your business. Komatsu manufactures all the major parts of their machinery. From engines to electronics, the main components of their machines are manufactured in-house. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous development contributes to the excellent performance of Komatsu equipment and machinery.

komatsu gd555

Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

The outcome of their efforts is quality machines which are also environment friendly.

The Komatsu GD555 Motor Grader

Equipped with a SAA6D107E-1 engine, the GD555 grader delivers 144kW of power. Not only is this motor grader powerful, it is EU Stage 3A certified. Without compromising on performance the GD555 has achieved low emissions.

This model is hydraulic driven and it is also fitted with an auto reversing cooling fan. At low temperatures these features function to decrease power loss. The other benefit is that the engine noise is also decreased. The regulation for the engine speed results in an impressive fuel consumption.

The 2 Mode 3 Stage VHPC system enables the operator to switch between two modes depending on the working conditions. P mode is useful in situations where the grader is facing high levels of resistance. E mode is suitable for light work conditions and it offers improved economy.

Komatsu’s Power Shift Transmission

Another advantage of finding a Komatsu grader for sale is its excellent transmission. The Power Shift Transmission has been developed especially for the company’s graders. The transmission offers full power shifting without interruptions. It also provides inching capabilities as well as automatic shifting in the top gears.

exterior of the gd555 komatsu grader

Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

The operator has a choice between auto and manual mode which can be selected according to the working conditions. During challenging conditions or when precise control is necessary, auto mode is preferable.

If the situation requires faster speeds then the operator can switch to manual mode. The Komatsu GD555 has eight forward speeds as well as four reverse speeds. The Electronic Transmission Control helps to create an even grading surface while also reducing wear and tear on the transmission clutch.

Electronic Overspeed Protection reduces engine and transmission maintenance. The Low Effort Inching Pedal offers increased precision.

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GD555 Komatsu Grader Features

Another note-worthy element of the GD555 is its control features. This Komatsu grader offers the operator power on demand which means that when the machine detects a load requirement the pump flow and pressure is increased accordingly. The outcome of this innovation is a reduced fuel consumption as well as a faster response time.

The hydraulic system heat is also reduced. The valves were developed to offer increased precision and decreased wear and tear. The ergonomic layout of the controls reduces driver fatigue and supports productivity. If the operator engages numerous switches simultaneously, the flow is adjusted accordingly. Implement speed is maintained even when the engine speed is varied.

gd555 komtasu grader cab interior

Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

Interior and Cab Features

The spacious cab of the Komatsu gd555 creates a good working environment. Storage space is a convenient feature of this cab. The seat offers good support and it can be adjusted for added comfort. Air-conditioning helps to keep the interior of the cab cool despite outside weather conditions. The adjustable control console is a convenient feature of this model which makes it easier for the operator to enter the cab.

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Maintenance, Performance and Specifications

Maintenance of this Komatsu grader is easy. The convenient serviceability reduces downtime and maintenance costs. A well maintained motor grader performs better than machines which are in poor condition.

komatsu grader for sale

Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

Timeous services also reduce the chances that a costly break down will occur. It is simple to service the engine and radiator via the big hinge doors. Fuses can be changed easily as they are clearly marked in the cab.

An oil check point is situated on the tandem. The service meter is part of the electric monitoring system for added convenience. The reversing fan helps to keep the radiator and cooler fin clean. Alerts on the display inside the cab remind the driver when maintenance work needs to take place.

The innovative brake design results in reduced maintenance. The disconnect switch is useful during maintenance as it allows the operator to disconnect the batteries.

Take a look at the following table for an overview of the Komatsu GD555 specifications.

Komatsu GD555-5
Engine ModelSAA6D107E-1
Bore and Stroke (mm)107/124
Piston displacement (ltr)6.69
Maximum Torque (Nm)880
Operating Weight (kg)15 135

When the going gets tough, the Komatsu gd555 won’t let you down. Its safety features, powerful performance and comfortable cab are some of the highlights of this capable motor grader.

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