Farm Equipment: All you need to know about a Tiller

When it comes to finding farm equipment for sale a tiller is a great buy. A tiller consists of blades or tines which spin. As the blades spin they dig up the soil and loosen it. Farm tillers are powerful machines which are used to dig and mix hard soil prior to planting. They break up the ground and loosen the soil so is ready for planting. They can be used during primary or secondary tillage. Another advantage to finding a tiller for sale is that they uproot crop residue which saves time on soil preparation.


A Closer Look at Farm Tillers

Rotary tillers soften the soil using rotating blades. To prepare large areas of land for agricultural purposes rotary tillers can be used as an attachment on a tractor. A two-wheel or four-wheel tractor can be used for this purpose.

High powered two wheel tractors with a rigidly attached rotary tiller can cover 1 hectare of land in 8 to 10 hours to prepare it for planting. The advantage of these tractor tillers is that they are both compact and powerful. They are also more affordable than four wheel models.


When it comes to finding the ideal farm equipment a tractor tiller with four wheels is best suited to large farms. The rotary tiller is used as an attachment to the tractor. These tillers increase the efficiency and productivity of farms. They are used in large spaces where there is enough room to manoeuvre.

Safety is an important consideration when you are using a tiller. The rotating blades can cause serious injuries so it is important for people to keep a safe distance from them. Hard objects such as tree roots and rocks should be removed before you use the tractor tiller.

Proper maintenance is also important and the oil and filter should be kept clean.

The Fertilizer Spreader

Another important piece of farm equipment for sale is a fertilizer spreader. This equipment is used to spread fertiliser on lawns and can be used as an attachment to a tractor. There are also different types of fertiliser spreaders.

Some equipment uses a gravity feeding mechanism to spread the fertiliser while the equipment is dragged across the area. This fertilizer spreader is not well-suited to large areas of land as it typically offers narrow coverage.

A rotary fertiliser is best suited to agricultural applications. A rotating barrel is used to spread the fertiliser. These machines aerate the fertiliser as they spread it. Another advantage to using this equipment is that the fertiliser is spread evenly over the land.

Solid or liquid fertiliser can be used in the spreader. Some spreaders can be used to disperse seeds. They cover a large area and are useful in planting seeds for crops. In certain models the flow rate can be changed so that the spreader disperses seeds more efficiently. This equipment increases the efficiency and productivity of farms.


It is important to keep the fertilizer spreader clean. The moving parts should also be oiled. When the equipment is being stored it should be covered and kept out of the sun.

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