JBC TLB: The most versatile construction machine you can buy

If you are in the market for a JCB TLB for sale, you might want to consider the JCB 3CX Eco and the JCB 3DX Super. The Truck & Trailer teams takes a closer look at these two JCB TLBs, highlight its features, performance and tech.

jcb 3cx tlb

Image Source: JCB Africa Website / Product Brochure.

About the JCB Brand

J.C Bamford Excavators, known in short as JCB, is a large multinational company that is headquartered in Britain. JCB is known globally as one of the third-largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world.

JCB has managed to grow its brand through building its reputation over a number of decades of delivering great machinery. The JCB Company is best known for selling manufacturing equipment for construction, demolition and agricultural purposes and the company is known for producing one of the best and most notable tractors that was capable of high speed travel in the early 90s.

The JCB brand has become well known for its highly innovative and ambitious philosophy towards producing, arguably one of the best manufacturing equipment in the world.


Image Source: JCB

Throughout the company’s existence JCB has constantly strived to push their equipment beyond current boundaries through investing heavily in research and sustainable development and this has helped the company become a market leader in the sale of tractors and backhoe loaders. This has only served to show how reliable and trust worthy this brand is in the global market.


The JCB 3CX ECO is a fine and capable backhoe loader. This JCB TLB for sale serves as testimony of the company’s ability to produce well designed, efficient backhoe loaders that are both environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. In their official statement JCB has reported that they have applied the best and most innovative technologies to ensure that they could maximise the backhoe loader’s performance, power and fuel efficiency.

The 3CX ECO boasts of an engine that is capable of delivering fuel savings of up to 16% with noise cancellation technologies that reduce the overall noise of the JCB backhoe loader. The noise is cancelled through rubber that is mounted around this JCB TLB in order to minimise vibrations and noises. This ensures that the 3CX is built to enable a fatigue-free working day for your drives.

jcb 3cx eco tlb for sale

Image Source: JCB Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Unlike other backhoe loaders the 3CX comes with features such as an all-electric engine management system, 6% more torque than previous models and a new engine with 68kW engine power. The JCB 3CX ECO comes with a more powerful and faster power slide that is easier to reposition.

With the 3CX, JCB prioritised ease of use and safety. The 3CX comes with grab handles, to help drives hold on to something when entering and exiting the 3CX, wider door openings and a grid design that helps minimise the possibility of dirt building up in vital mechanical parts.

The prioritisation of safety does not stop there in the TLB for sale. The new 3CX comes with power brakes that have drastically increased the 3CX’s ability to brake on time. The beauty of these new power brakes is that they require minimal effort from the driver, making it an absolute pleasure to drive.

3cx jcb backhoe loader

Image Source: JCB Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The 3CX comes with rear light guards. These light guards serve as a protective barrier against any potential damage that may occur to your backhoe loader on site.

The 3CX also comes built with comfort in mind. The JCB 3CX comes with a Smooth Ride System also known as its SRS, that reduces the overall bounce of the 3CX. This feature helps reduce any potential spillage and makes driving the 3CX a lot easier and more comfortable for the driver.

From a technological perspective the 3CX JCB TLB comes built with features such as an LCD panel showing the backhoe loader’s fuel levels, fuel usage and service information, a 360-degree view that gives the backhoe’s driver a greater vantage point when operating the vehicle, a new hydraulic quick hitch, a new high output flow pump that reduces the 3CX’s cycle times and a self-levelling loader that automatically adjusts the 3CX’s shovel when it is necessary to do so.

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The JCB 3DX Super

With the JCB 3DX, the JCB manufactured a super backhoe that is possibly one of the most versatile backhoes currently in the market. The 3DX Super is built with efficiency in mind. This JCB TLB is built with a large fuel capacity with a 128 litre tank and the versatility to function as both a backhoe loader driving on site and a loader that is capable of driving on the roads.

jcb 3dx tlb for sale

Image Source: JCB Africa Website / Product Brochure.

This JCB backhoe loader delivers supreme performance and productivity. The 3DX comes with its own new special backhoe loader driveline that has the capability to deliver a shovel breakout of 6010kg/f, a 5700kg/f bucket tear out that is the end result of the addition of a high pressure efficient hydraulic system and an amazing lifting capability. The 3DX’s backhoe loader arm comes with mounting pivots that automatically align to the right position.

The 3DX Super comes with an engine that is well protected. In order to protect the engine against damage, the JCB 3DX Super has been built with pre-filters and a water separator that helps keep out possible contaminants from the fuel loader’s fuel system. Other protective features built into the 3DX Super include a 4-ram parallel lift loader, sloping bonnet line and fast truck loading that helps improve the driver’s visibility.

Since JCB is a global brand and the 3DX Super is used by people around the world, JCB took special care to ensure that the 3DX was tested in different climates and in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 degree Celsius. This feature ensures that this TLB for sale has the capability to function effectively in all climates and environments.

3dx super jcb backhoe loader

Image Source: JCB Africa Website / Product Brochure.

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JCB 3CX ECO vs the JCB 3DX Super

Listed below are some of the performance specifications of both the 3CX and 3DX JCB TLB models:

Gross Power100hp97hp
Net Power97.6hp92hp
Displacement268.5 cu in268.5 cu in
Power Measured2200rpm2200rpm
Torque Measured1300rpm1100rpm
Max Speed - Forward36.2km/h40.36km/h
Max Speed - Reverse36.2km/h36.0km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity160 litres128 litres

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