Lexion 770-750 Claas Combine Harvesters

The Claas Lexion is a combine harvester that has been built to be in its own class. With this combine harvester for sale, Claas has delivered an exclusive hybrid system that is capable of driving at a top speed of 40km/h on roads and achieving as much as 20% more efficiency in the production of throughput.

The Claas Combine managed to do the latter by closing up the threshing drum in order to maximise grain quality and the production of grain. With the Lexicon buyers can expect the harvester with more reliable reserves of power guaranteeing its reliability and durability by a significant percentage.

lexion claas combine harvester

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Claas clearly decided to build this harvester with the driver in mind. The Lexion combine comes with numerous driver friendly features such as automatic settings and cruise pilot. With these features drivers can expect a Claas combine for sale that is very easy to drive and control.

When it comes to monitoring and self-maintenance the Claas combine harvester comes added with telematics and automatic guidance features to ensure ease of monitoring. This is another important feature that Claas has added to the class lexicon.

Lastly drivers can also expect a combine that delivers world class performance by incorporating features such as the Special Cut II and power spreaders with automatic discharge direction adjustment ensuring more even spreading of straw when harvesting and an overall 10% improvement of crop flow.

claas lexion 770 combine harvester for sale

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

The Special Cut II in particular makes the harvester a more intense machine at chopping straw, the harvester attains this intensity through the addition of 108 closely arranged dual bladed knives, a cross blade and a static knife array to help make the Claas Lexion better at chopping fine straw.

The Cab of the Claas Lexion

Technologically, you will not be too disappointed with these combines for sale. The Claas comes built with a number of interesting interior features. For the first time you no longer have to worry about stepping out of the cab in order to switch the straw chopper’s settings from switching to spreading chopped material.

The Claas Lexion combine harvester allows you to carry out this switch from the comfort of the cab. The combine comes built with features that allows for this performance and task switch to be carried out effortlessly in the harvester’s interior through the introduction of CEBIS settings to the machine’s cab. The CEBIS settings also come with primary measurement functions to ensure that you can measure things such as moisture and content. These measurements are then displayed on the CEBIS data display output making the data readily and easily accessible.

claas lexion combines for sale

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

The cab’s comfort factor is also something worth taking note of. The cab comes built with extra sitting space to allow the driver better freedom of movement and overall comfort. The cab is also well ventilated and comes with a great air conditioning system that ensures that the cab stays at a consistent temperature and atmosphere allowing the driver to focus purely on his work thereby improving Driver productivity.

The Lexion combine’s cab is soundproofed keeping out loud and disturbing noises from disrupting the driver’s workflow. In addition to this, the driver’s chair comes fitted with cushions and sweat removal technology to ensure that the vehicle can be operated by the driver under any condition.

The cab also comes pre-built with a lighting system consisting of side lights, stubble lights, steering axle lights and a folding lighting system. This system, through the use of powerful H9 and xenon lights, ensures that the machine remains well lit throughout both day and night. This system works for up to 10 hours which means that you will not have to worry about operating the Claas Lexion throughout an entire night.

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The Engine in the Lexion Combine

The Claas combine comes with unquestionably superior engine capacity and as a result of this an added improvement on the Lexion combine’s overall performance. The Claas combine harvester’s superior engine delivers both high power and low fuel efficiency through the integration of a mechanical electronic unit injection system that helps deliver high performance through very difficult field conditions.

claas combine harvester

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

For those worried about vehicle maintenance, these combines for sale have been designed to be a harvester that is easy to maintain. All the parts are easily accessible; the engine can be reached very easily through a well – placed access ladder. For the DIY types this translates to a fairly simple self-maintenance process which means that you will not have to take your harvester to the repairs every time some small problem arises. The addition of serving lighting on the ladder also ensures that this maintenance process can be carried out at any time of the day.

One cannot speak of this harvester’s engine without mentioning the TERRA TRAC system. Over the last 20 years the CLAAS TERRA TRAC system has gained a reputation as a driving system that has practical use even in the most challenging of terrains. With the Claas combine harvester the TERRA TRAC system has perpetuated its practical use and ability, delivering another vehicle that is very capable of operating under any and all terrains.

Specifications of the Claas Lexion

When it comes to the vehicle’s specs the Claas Lexion combine comes with a grain tank capacity of 13 500 litres and impressive power outputs of 80kW under constant settings, up to 150kW in step drive and as much as 120kW under variable settings. For more information regarding the specifications of the combine harvester, see the following table:

750 / 750 Terra Trac760 / 760 Terra Trac770 / 770 Terra Trac
EnginePerkins 2206 DPerkins 2206 DPerkins 2206 D
Maximum Engine Power308 kW339 kW385 kW
Number of Rotor Sieves555
Drum Width1 420 mm1 420 mm1 700 mm
Grain Tank Size10 000 litres11 000 litres12 500 litres | 13 500 litres Terra Trac

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