TX Series Case Telehandler Range

If you are in the market for a top quality telehandler for sale, the TX Series from Case might be the ideal solution. Case has a reputation for manufacturing durable machinery and the TX Series telescopic handler is no exception. Its durable design and excellent performance sets it apart from the crowd.

Telehandlers play a vital role in the construction industry and can be likened to a combination of a crane and a forklift. The primary useful element of a telescopic handler, or telehandler, is its boom which is used to lift heavy objects. Attachments can also be fitted to the boom to offer additional functions.

case telescopic handler

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

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TX Series Case Telehandlers

An extended wheelbase and enhanced counterweight contribute to the superior stability and lift capacity of this Case telehandler.

Equipped with powerful engines the TX Series can cope with challenging work conditions. Its low fuel consumption and high output add to its appeal. The longitudinally side-mounted engine makes maintenance work more convenient.

The lift-up canopy makes the engine easy to access, with filters and fill points positioned so that they are easy to reach. These features translate into decreased downtime and improved productivity.

case tx series telescopic handler

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website.

The durable design of the TX and its strong hydraulic cylinders results in working heights that reach 17m. Hydraulic frame levelling contributes to the security of loads. Safe load indication is another safety measure available with these Case telehandler models.

Outstanding features of TX Case telehandlers

The TX is designed to offer great all-round visibility. The superior visibility results in safer and more efficient operation. Not only can this model maintain its performance in tough conditions, it also offers excellent manoeuvrability.

The power shift transmissions produce high power and offer smooth shifts. Four wheel steering and crab steer add to the dynamic performance of the TX telescopic handler. Features such as load sensing add to the drivability of the TX.

Its flow sharing hydraulics contribute to the ease-of-operation. Operator fatigue is mitigated by the reduced effort control levers. By offering precise control these features improve safety and enhance productivity.

case telehandler for sale

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The operator’s cab is designed to create a productive work environment. Every aspect of the cab contributes to enhanced efficiency. Its ergonomical layout plays a vital role in decreasing driver fatigue.

Wrap around glazing makes it easy for the driver to see the boom as well as the load. Improved visibility translates into safer, more efficient operations.

The design of the cab door makes it convenient to enter and exit the machine. The controls are designed to be easy-to-use and their arrangement also creates extra room in the cab.

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Specifications of the TX Series Telescopic Handler

Powershift transmission offers four forward speeds as well as three reverse speeds. The advantage of this transmission is that even at fast speeds, there is no heat build-up. The Powershift transmission provides improved accuracy and traction which is especially useful under challenging circumstances.

telescopic handler from case

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Three model steering further enhances the agility of this Case telehandler for sale. Four wheel steering offers a reduced turning radius. Crab steering is well-suited for jobs that are situated next to structures or during bucket backfilling.

The TX series telescopic handler is fitted with a 4.5 litre Case turbo engine. These engines deliver a powerful performance which you can rely on. Their durable design contributes to decreased downtime. Take a look at an overview of the specification for the TX Case telehandler series in the table below.

TX 130-33 (stabilisers up)TX 130-33
(narrow stabilisers down)
TX 130-40
(without stabilisers)
TX 140-45
(with wide stabilisers)
Engine TypeF4GE9484F*J600F4GE9484F*J600F4GE9484J*J600F4GE9484J*J600
Net Power (kW @ rpm)74 @ 220074 @ 220088 @ 220088 @ 2200
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)430 @ 1250430 @ 1250515 @ 1250515 @ 1250
Max lift capacity (kg) 3000330040004500
Max lift height (m)12.713.012.3012.45
Breakout Force (daN)7750775077507750
Operating weight (kg) 990099001020010630

With brands like Case advertised on Truck and Trailer, you are sure to find the ideal telehandler handler for sale. Buying second hand models offers you excellent value-for-money. The model that you choose will depend on your budget as well as your company’s unique requirements.

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