Volvo L20F and L25F Compact Wheel Loaders

The Volvo wheel loader is designed to increase the productivity of your business. From its powerful engine to its cab filtration, the Volvo L20F and Volvo L25F are designed to exceed your expectations. The comfortable cab and safety features set these models apart from the crowd. If you are in the market for a Volvo front end loader for sale, Truck & Trailer is the best place to shop.

The L25F and L20F Volvo front end loader boast a comprehensive cab filtration which offers the operator a safe and comfortable working environment. The cab filtration enables the driver to operate at maximum efficiency even under dusty working conditions.

Not only does the Volvo loader cab offer superior air filtration, it is designed to provide the operator with all-round visibility. The outstanding visibility increases safety while decreasing fatigue and boosting efficiency. The cab is both quiet and comfortable.

Bright cab lights enable the operator to complete tasks in low light conditions. Equipped with a powerful engine, each Volvo wheel loader in this range delivers a remarkable performance while complying with emission regulations.

The excellent stability of these machines contributes to safety and performance. Not only does the articulating centre joint improve the strength of the Volvo FEL, it also allows these machines to get around in tight spaces.

Other highlights of these models include parallel linkage as well as an optional Z-bar linkage for the Volvo L25F model. Additional attachment brackets are available for these models which increases the flexibility of these machines. These brackets boost productivity as they are compatible with attachments from other machines. Another note-worthy feature is the selectable locking differentials.

l20f volvo wheel loader

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website.

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Performance of the L20F and L25F Volvo Wheel Loader

With a Volvo loader even the toughest tasks are made possible. The durability of these machines makes them a valuable asset to any business. They are designed to deliver a consistently high level of performance even under challenging conditions.

These machines make lifting and loading quick and easy. The Volvo front end loader is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine and it offers an impressive weight-to-load capacity. When the fuel tank reaches empty the self-bleeding system removes surplus air.

The L25F and Volvo L20F meet the EU Stage IIIA emissions guidelines. These machines are also compliant with EPA Tier 3 regulations. The L25F front end loader for sale comes with the option of parallel or Z-bar linkage. The parallel linkage offers outstanding visibility, ideal lifting height and remarkable versatility.

volvo l20f wheel loader

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website.

Not only does the parallel linkage boost performance, it is also convenient to use. The Z-bar linkage boasts an impressive breakout force as well as a big dump angle. The Volvo wheel loader is the ideal size to operate in restrictive work spaces. With a height of under 2500mm it is well-suited to completing tasks in an urban environment.

Equipped with a hand inch valve the speed of these machines can be adjusted according to the task at hand. For specialised tasks, the drive speed control can be adjusted exactly for optimal efficiency.

Optimal Efficiency offered by the L20F and L25F Volvo FEL

The Volvo FEL maximises the efficiency of your business operations. With a Volvo loader tasks are completed better, quicker and with reduced costs. Differential lock provides superior traction and increases the economy of task completion.

The Volvo L25F and L20F Volvo front end loader is equipped with independent gear pumps for operating the hydraulics and steering. The result of this arrangement is the optimisation of cycle speeds as well as the reduced impact of rapid steering on lift arm speed. A hand throttle is available to further enhance the efficiency of these machines.

l20f volvo front end loader

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website.

The oscillating centre joint boosts comfort, stability and efficiency. This component of the Volvo wheel loader improves performance on challenging terrain. Big sealed bearings combined with high-strength pins optimise durability, agility and power distribution.

The L25F and L20F are designed to offer convenient attachment monitoring as well excellent attachment visibility. The result is the optimisation of task completion as well as a decreased danger of damage.

Another note-worthy feature of this front end loader for sale from the Volvo brand is the third hydraulic circuit which decreases running costs. The impressive lift capacity of these models takes their efficiency to the next level.

Comfortable Work Environment

The Volvo wheel loader is designed with functionality as well as the comfort of the operator in mind. The Volvo Care cab offers the operator more space than other machines in this category. Its layout and design boosts productivity.

The big glazed surface extends across the four sides of the L25F and Volvo L20F models which results in superior visibility. This aspect of the cab design improves the safety and speed of task completion. The dashboard layout puts the controls within easy reach.

cab interior of the volvo l20f

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website.

Control lights offer the operator useful information such as machine speed and fuel level data. The joystick lever offers straightforward control over the Volvo loader’s movements. The seat can be adjusted to meet the unique requirements of individual operators. The seat spring and angle are easy to modify.

Not only is the seat adjustable, there is the option to modify the steering wheel column. The Care Cab is soundproofed for superior noise reduction. Demisting functions increase visibility despite outside weather conditions.

Safety and Serviceability of the Volvo Front End Loader

With easy access to the major service points, it is convenient to keep your Volvo front end loader operating at maximum efficiency. Electrical components are situated in a protected location which is easy to reach.

Whether you are servicing the radiator or air filters, you will have no problem accessing these components of your machine. Fuses are simple and quick to replace and the same applies for relays.

The advantage of regular and convenient servicing is that it decreases downtime, saves on running costs and improves safety.

Other safety considerations of the L25F and L20F Volvo FEL models include low grab handles as well as a single step for safer entrance to the cab. The compact engine hood improves visibility during reversing.

This machine complies with ROPS/FOPOS safety regulations. The cab protects the driver if a roll-over occurs and it also offers protection against falling items. The wheel loader is protected against damage and theft with machine locks which can be disengaged by using a single key.

Specifications of the Volvo L20F and Volvo L25F

For an overview of the L20F and L25F Volvo front end loader models, take a look at the table below:

Volvo Wheel Loader ModelVolvo L20FVolvo L25F
Cubic Capacity3 108 cm33 108 cm3
Gross Power SAE J199536.4 kW @ 2 300 rpm36.4 kW @ 2 300 rpm
Net Power SAE J1349 – DIN ISO 158535.8 kW @ 2 300 rpm35.8 kW @ 2 300 rpm
Maximum Torque SAE J1349 – DIN ISO 1585178.6 Nm @ 1 700 rpm178.6 Nm @ 1 700 rpm
Bore x Stroke 94 mm x 112 mm94 mm x 112 mm

With a range of models available on Truck & Trailer, it is easy to find a Volvo front end loader for sale which meets your requirements. Owning a Volvo wheel loader will boost the efficiency and productivity of your business. The durable design of these machines decreases downtime and running costs.

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