A Look at Dynapac Soil Compactors

Robust, efficient and reliable, the Dynapac compactor range delivers exceptional performance. Whether you choose a small or heavy-duty soil compactor, these machines are an excellent investment. Owing a Dynapac vibratory roller allows you to get tasks completed faster and at reduced costs. Their technology and state-of-the-art design put these machines a cut above their competition. If you want to increase your profits, find a compactor for sale on Truck and Trailer.

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Image source: Dynapac website

Dynapac Compactor Highlights

Dynapac offers a comprehensive range of soil compactors. These fifth generation models combine tried-and-tested designs with innovative technology. Their cutting-edge features set them apart from the crowd. The focus of these single-drum vibratory rollers is simplicity and productivity. From start to finish, every aspect of their design aims to boost the profitability of your business. Their simplified design makes soil compaction easy and fast.

The machines in the Dynapac compactor range are equipped with active bouncing control, which decreases the risk of over-compaction. The cross-mounted engine makes servicing these machines easier and ultimately decreases downtime. With reduced noise, the operator benefits from an improved work environment. Another advantage of finding a Dynapac compactor for sale is that they have a reduced fuel consumption that lowers running costs. The robust drum shell improves compaction and reduces downtime. Lights are available for these machines should you want to complete tasks at night. The angled engine hood increases visibility and, therefore, safety.

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Image source: Dynapac website

Compactors for Every Job

A small soil compactor is suitable for applications in pipe trenches as well as road compaction. The Dynapac CA1300, CA1400 and CA1500 are smaller models which offer superior agility. Their compact design makes them suitable for work on building foundations and parking lots. They are also excellent for completing refilling tasks in confined areas. Another benefit of owning a compact vibratory roller is that they operate well on steep inclines. These compactors have an operating mass of 5 000 – 7 000kg and a drum width of 1 370 to 1 676mm.

The Dynapac CA2500 to CA4600 variations are medium heavy machines that are capable of operating under challenging conditions. The robust 35mm hitch drum delivers an outstanding performance even when completing tasks on rockfill. It’s suitable for compacting a range of base courses as well as reinforcement courses. The operating mass of these machines is 10 000 to 15 000kg and their drum width is 2 130mm.

If you are looking for a Dynapac compactor that is suitable for the most challenging conditions, the CA5000, CA5500, CA6000 and CA6500 are excellent choices. These heavy rollers are suitable for the compaction of rockfill and can also be used for operations with gravel and sand. These machines are well-suited to larger projects since they deliver top-quality performance. They have an operating mass of 16 000 to 21 000kg and a drum width of 2 130mm.

At the top of the range is the Dynapac CA702, which is suitable for the heaviest applications. This soil compactor can be used for work on large projects such as dams and airfields. These machines can be used on most terrains, including rockfill and clay. The operating mass of this model is 27 000kg and it has a drum width of 2 130mm.

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Image source: Dynapac website

Tech Features

The Dynapac compactors are equipped with innovative technology that adds to the convenience and efficiency of compaction tasks. Compbase software makes preparation easier by offering the operator comprehensive compaction data as well as capacity information. The compaction optimiser increases efficiency while reducing operating costs. Dyn@Lyzer features a field computer which provides the operator with measurement data in real time. This increases the efficiency of task completion and ultimately boosts profits.

It is also possible to map the ground condition prior to starting compaction work to detect weak sections. The engines of these machines are equipped with an EcoMode fuel saving system which decreases fuel consumption by reducing unnecessary power usage. The EcoMode feature and the higher compaction parameters produce a significant reduction in fuel costs. A Dynapac vibratory roller offers you maximum performance with exceptional uniformity without compromising on fuel efficiency.

tech features in the dynapac soil compactor

Image source: Dynapac website

Now that you know the benefits of finding a compactor for sale, you can search for machines online. The Dynapac compactor won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

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