A quality Hitachi Excavator in the Zaxis R Series

Hitachi construction machinery are known for quality and durability, the Zaxis-5G R series being no different. Looking for a quality Hitachi excavator for sale, the Zaxis-5G R series offers a number of choices.

Today the Truck & Trailer team takes a closer look at the Hitachi ZX870, Hitachi ZX470 and the Hitachi ZX670 hydraulic crawler excavator. The variety of models in this series from Hitachi allows you to select one that matches your business operational needs precisely. Not only is there a choice of models, the versatility of the excavators allows them to be adapted to different tasks.

zaxis 5g r hitachi excavator

Image Source: Hitachi South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Durability and build of the Zaxis-5G R Series

Hitachi is renowned for its innovative technologies as well as the outstanding performance of its products. The company has an international reputation for excellence and the Hitachi excavator is no exception.

The Zaxis-5G R series models have a durable design. An advantage of choosing these pieces of Hitachi construction machinery is that these machines won’t let you down when the going gets tough. The strengthened undercarriage contributes to the trustworthy performance of these models.

The robust boom and arm take their tough performance to the next level. The quality buckets are designed for use in quarries and limestone. Hitachi excavators feature shrouds and big bucket teeth which add to their capabilities.

Not only is the design of the bucket built to endure challenging conditions, the materials that are used for construction increase their durability too. The R-bucket is constructed from wear resisting steel. The cab offers good visibility through the straight-laminated glass window.

Changing the lateral wear plates is straightforward which decreases downtime. The strong undercarriage makes rocky terrain easy to cope with. The cover and square bars reduce damage to the travel motor.

hitachi zx870 excavator

Image Source: Hitachi South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The solid side structure of these excavators is designed to endure impact from stones. Comprehensive track guards are available for these excavators to take protection to the next level.

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Productivity and efficiency with Hitachi excavators

The Zaxis-5G R series hydraulic excavator is designed to increase the productivity of your business operations while decreasing fuel consumption. It’s economic fuel usage and durability results in reduced running costs.

The HIOS IIIB hydraulic system functions to reduce the carbon emissions of these models. The HIOS IIIB hydraulic system was developed through using innovative technology and extensive experience in order to offer optimal performance.

Another benefit of these models is that they are equipped with robust and trustworthy engines. The engine also boasts a direct fuel injection system. These excavators meet the EU Stage II emissions regulations. Swing power is essential in the mining industry.

The latest ZAXIS excavators use an innovative swing device to maximise swing power. This allows these excavators to hold and load heavy buckets of crushed stones. Both the Hitachi ZX870 and Hitachi zx670 offer swing powers which have been optimised by 9% when compared to traditional models.

maintenance of your hitachi excavator

Image Source: Hitachi South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The Hitachi ZX470 offers excellent flexibility as the operator can adjust the valves. The ZX series also enables the operator to alter the circuit flow. The multifunction monitor is conveniently located next to the operator’s seat. The operator can use the display to adjust settings in accordance with the task at hand. Eleven jobs can be chosen by their names.

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Cab interior and maintenance

The Zaxis-5G R series, including the Hitachi zx670, provides the operator with a comfortable working environment. The cab design inspires confidence in operators and supports them in completing tasks efficiently.

Not only is the cab spacious, it also offers outstanding visibility. The compact console creates additional leg room inside the cab. An addition of 70mm to the width of the entry space makes it simple to enter the cab.

The LED light illuminates the interior when the door is opened. Air circulation is improved by the smart placement of air conditioner vents. The easy-to-reach control panel makes completing tasks in a Hitachi excavator hassle free. An AUX port is available for the models in this series so that the operator can stay motivated by listening to music.

A note-worthy feature of the Zaxis-5G R series cabs is the exceptionally comfortable operator’s seat. The seat is adjustable and fitted with an armrest as well as a headrest. An air suspension seat with heating is available for the excavators in this range.

cab of the zaxis 5g r

Image Source: Hitachi South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Not only is the H/R cab comfortable and convenient, it is also safe. These cabs meet the standards for Top Guard Level III. The cab prevents injury from dropping objects. For added safety the engine can only be started if the Lock-Position is engaged on the pilot control shut-off lever. The engine can be locked with a password.

Maintenance of this hydraulic excavator is hassle free. Inspection points are conveniently located according to the layout of the machine.

An available lid makes changing the air conditioner filters easy. With independent arm and boom greasing points, lubrication is quick and easy. The big sidewalk puts the engine inspection points in easy reach.

Specifications of the Zaxis-5G R Hitachi excavator series

The Zaxis-5G R series excavators are equipped with 6-cylinder 4-cycle water-cooled direct injection engines. For an overview of the Hitachi excavator specifications, take a look at the table below.

Hitachi zx470Hitachi zx670Hitachi zx870
Piston Displacement15.681 litres15.681 litres15.681 litres
Power235 kW @ 1 800 rpm312 kW @ 1 800 rpm360 kW @ 1 800 rpm
Torque1 275 Nm @ 1 500 rpm1 621 Nm @ 1 500 rpm1 945 Nm @ 1 500 rpm

A Hitachi excavator is a worthwhile investment as its robust design ensures its longevity. This hydraulic excavator offers you excellent value-for-money.

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