Ace the job in a Tata Super Ace

The Tata Super Ace is a great 1 ton truck for sale and, like the other commercial vehicles for sale from Tata, the new Super Ace EX2 is a Tata for sale that should most definitely not be overlooked.

Tata Motors Limited

Founded in 1945, Tata Motors Limited is the largest automobile company in India and is a world-renowned and leading automobile manufacturer, known for its range of cars, trucks and buses.

With a global reach across over 50 countries, as well as over 60,000 employees, millions of vehicles sold and thousands of sales and service points, makes it an attractive offering.

With a strong brand reputation as well as being known for the reliability of their cars, trucks and buses, Tata is committed to innovation, new technology as well as comfort, performance and reliability. With research and design centres across India, South Korea, Italy and the UK, Tata is always examining new ways to give the best with their offerings.

With production taking place across India, the UK, South Africa, South Korea and many more, they are easily rolled out to key markets.

Tata is known for its range of cars, trucks and other offerings and its Tata Super Ace fits comfortably in the South African market, offering an affordable and reliable 1 ton truck.

Improved design of the Super Ace EX2

The design of the newest Super Ace is compact and sturdy, with a host of features that add to its performance, capability and speed.

With two models to choose from – the DLS and DLE – the Tata Super Ace for sale has a loadbody length of 2 630 millimetres and a loadbody width of 1 460 millimetres.

tata truck for sale

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

The Super Ace EX2 has undergone some improvements since its younger brother launched back in 2012. With a load deck height measuring in at only 60 centimetres, other technical changes that can be found on the Ace EX2 includes new design for the seats, a cooling system that features a larger radiator, an improved insulation and a gearbox featuring chrome pads, to name but a few examples.

This Tata for sale in South Africa also boasts a minimum turning radius of 5.1 metres, all in all amounting to an exciting, improved and refreshed look, feel and all round load capabilities.

Interior of the Tata Super Ace

The interior change has gone from grey to black, includes the EX2 badging, unique stickers, wheel covers as well as various chrome touches throughout.

Both the EX2 DLE and DLS Tata Super Ace models are equipped with a range of features that add to the ease of use and comfort factors, in a host of situations. These include easy-to-access cupholders, a tray, remote central locking, driver and passenger adjustable bucket seats, a 12V DC power outlet, washable floor covering, side-impact beams, protection bars, as well as height-adjustable headlights and much more. While the seatbelt length has also been increased by 30cm.

tata super ace interior

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

The DLE model also comes with air conditioning, electric windows, a colour coded bumper, as well as grab handles and fog lamps. All of these offerings make for a unique and comfortable drive, with every option and need covered.

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Performance of the Super Ace EX2

Both the engine and transmission of the Ace EX are designed by Tata, with their unique design and stamp of quality.

This Tata for sale has a 1,4-litre, four-stroke, turbodiesel engine with a power output of 52kW at 4 500rpm and torque of 135Nm at 2 500rpm, as well as a 5 speed gear box, with overdrive and a top speed of 125km/h. This coupled with the reported fuel consumption of at 7.2 litres/100km, all allows you to save more, and be as efficient as possible on any, and all trips.

With its higher ground clearance and 330.2 mm tyres, Tata Super Ace allows you to tackle a host of terrain.

Thanks to its leaf sprung rear axle and front suspension, this 1 ton truck makes for an easy ride, coupled with the disc/drum brake combination ensuring that no matter the load, you’ll get there quickly and safely.

tata super ace

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

There are also some changes in the EX2 variants with a four-layer insulation package available, as well as a new and improved cooling system, an even larger radiator as well as a fuel system water separator.

So how does it handle on the road and what is the capacity like? The various features of the Tata Super Ace for sale make the ranges ideal for building supplies, plumbers, gardeners, furniture stores and many businesses, where load carrying is a daily activity.

You can add a range of accessories including racks, canopies and much more, to customise and fit the Super Ace to your needs.

Want to see all of the Tata Ace EX 1 specifications together to help with your decision? You can see the most important, below.

Specifications of the Tata Super Ace EX2

Engine MakeTata 475 IDI TCIC
Engine Capacity1405 cc
Maximum Power70 HP @ 4500 rpm
Maximum Torque135 Nm @ 2500 rpm
Maximum Speed125 km /h
Payload1 000 kg
Kerb Weight1 260 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 2 260 kg
Overall Length and Overall Width4340 mm and 1565 mm
Loadbody Length and Loadbody Width2630 mm and 1460 mm
Loadbody Height300 mm
Ground Clearance160 mm
Starting PriceDLS: R 164 995 | DLE: R 175 995

It also comes with a 3 year or 60,000km service plan, as well as a 3 Year or 100,000km warranty and roadside assistance plan; offering you peace of mind with every journey.

The 1 Ton Truck Segment in South Africa

Looking for a 1 ton truck for sale and want to know more about how the Tata Super Ace and its variants compare? The Super Ace EX2 competes extraordinarily well compared to other 1 ton trucks in its class, due to their price points, comfort, design and performance.

super ace ex2 for sale

Image Source: Tata South Africa Website.

As well as competing well, due to the withdrawal of the Gran Max Daihatsu brand in recent years, it has seen the Tata Ace range become an even more formidable offering in its class.

Tata cars and commercial vehicles are sold and serviced across a wide range of networks and outlets around the country, with over 40 operational, from the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal among the many outlets.

Looking for a Tata for sale to meet the demands of your business? Truck and Trailer is the best place to shop! With stunning deals to choose from, you are sure to find the 1 ton truck if your dreams.

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