AgriMag has launched and it is glorious

Your one stop site for all your farming and agricultural equipment needs, AgriMag has hit the online world with a bang, offering easy browsing, stunning features and a collection of equipment that will blow your gumboots off.


Equipment Categories on AgriMag

With this website we have endeavoured to provide you with as much equipment as humanly possible. The result is a collection that ranges to include everything from Tractors and Farm Trailers, Slasher, Silage Cutters and Harvesters.


Because we have succeeded in giving you only the best and widest range of equipment, the AgriMag Categories include:

Beautifully organised to make your browsing easier, AgriMag also features equipment from seven provinces including Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Free State and the North West.

Features on AgriMag

If you are looking for farming and other agricultural equipment, there is no doubt that AgriMag is the place to be.


Browsing Options

The AgriMag website allows you to browse the site in various ways. The first option is to browse the available equipment listed on the site via a category. These categories are setup to make finding the right piece of equipment easy and fast.


After selecting your category, you are able to further refine your search by selecting a Price Range, Region and Model Year.


Your second option for browsing is by selecting a region.


After selecting your region, you will be able to further refine your results by using the Equipment Category, Make, Price Range, Model Year and maximum hours of Usage.


Know exactly what you are looking for? Why not do a blanket search on the AgriMag website?


Looking for a specific dealer? Our ‘Dealer’ tab will give you exactly what you need.


Displaying all the dealers active on AgriMag, from here you will be able to browse through all of AgriMag’s farm equipment dealers, and refine your search even further by a Category, an Application and Province.


Find the right equipment ASAP

If you can’t find what you are looking for on AgriMag, why not put in a request for the specific farm equipment you are interested in purchasing? Simply complete the simple online form.


From here AgriMag will send your details to our registered dealers, enabling them to contact you if and when they are able to fulfil your needs.

Get Alerted

If you would like instant notifications of when new equipment is listed on AgriMag, simply sign up for an Alert. From here you can select your Province, the Model’s years you are interested in as well as the Mileage.

You can also decide how often you get these alerts – Daily, Hourly or in Realtime. After you have completed all the fields, click on ‘Get Alerted’. You will have to confirm your alerts via an email link sent to you by AgriMag.


Keep in mind that, if you want to edit your alerts, you can do so via a link in the email AgriMag sends you.

The AgriMag Magazine

Don’t forget to pick up your latest copy of the AgriMag magazine. Published monthly, AgriMag is a FREE publication and features hundreds of Agricultural and Farming Equipment Classifieds. Launched in September of 2014, the first issue featured a whopping 60 pages.


Today, AgriMag has grown, showing great promise and, now, an awesome website that makes finding the right equipment so much easier.


There you have it – the all-new (and all-awesome) AgriMag website! What are you waiting for? Visit now for great deals on the best farming and agricultural equipment in South Africa.

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Annabel Schoeman

SEO'er, blogger and lover all things weird, wacky and interesting.

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