Axor Mercedes Trucks: Powerful, durable and economic

When you are choosing a new truck there are many different factors to consider. Safe, reliable and economical trucks help support the productivity of your business. With Mercedes Benz’s reputation for excellence it is easy to see why Mercedes trucks are in demand. The Mercedes Benz Axor for sale is no different, delivering reliable and economic performance.

Investing in Mercedes Trucks for sale has many advantages. Today, the Truck and Trailer team takes a closer look at the Mercedes Benz Axor.

mercedes benz axor

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Website.

Overview of the Mercedes Benz Axor

Mercedes Benz trucks are well known for their superior performance and the Axor is no exception. The advantage of finding an Axor for sale is that they uphold high standards of quality. Their excellent safety features and economic performance are other reasons why Mercedes Benz trucks for sale are so popular.

The Mercedes Benz Axor is a medium-distance haulage and heavy duty distribution truck. These trucks are designed to cope with high payloads which make them an economical option. Their durable design reduces maintenance and repair costs.

axor for sale

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Website.

High quality parts mean less down time which directly supports the productivity of your business. Their decreased weight contributes to an economical fuel consumption. The Telligent engine management system reduce the fuel consumption of these trucks.

Comfortable Interior

These Mercedes trucks offer three cabs to choose from, allowing you to pick the cab that best matches your requirements. Bigger cabs provide a more spacious interior while smaller cabs allow for a larger payload. The ergonomical design of the controls further supports the driver in their job.

New bunks add to the comfort of the latest Axor trucks. The extra storage spaces are a convenient feature of this model. Another advantage to finding an Axor for sale is that its interior features easy-care materials.

mercedes benz axor for sale

Durability is an important consideration when considering the interior of trucks. The comfortable interior of functions to decrease driver fatigue.

Advanced Safety Features of the Mercedes Benz Axor

The Mercedes Benz Axor offers advanced safety. The cab is designed to provide the driver with maximum protection if an accident occurs. The Axor has passed the European crash test ECE R29 which is evidence of its successful cab design. Flame-retardant materials that are splinter-proof are used in the interior of these trucks.

Further protection is offered by the seat belts which are equipped with belt tensioners. The Axor for sale has been designed to offer drivers better visibility. Clearglass headlamps contribute to better visibility at night.

The design and layout of the mirrors in these Mercedes Benz trucks offer outstanding rear visibility and a decreased blind spot. These impressive safety features not only protect the driver but they also protect your truck and its payload.

Mercedes Benz Trucks’ Powerful Exterior Design

The muscular exterior design of Mercedes Benz Axor trucks creates a bold impression on the road. The front apron adds an element of style to the exterior of these trucks while highlighting their quality design.

mercedes benz trucks for sale

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Website.

The streamlined exterior design further in these Mercedes trucks for sale enhances the excellent performance of these trucks. The confident good looks of these trucks helps to create a reputation of professionalism for your business.

The Axor’s Advanced Technology

A key advantage to finding Mercedes Benz Axor for sale is their advanced technology. Axor trucks boast Telligent engine management systems which provide efficient engine control. This system reviews the engine data to determine the best fuel injection duration for every cylinder.

The engine speed and load are taken into account during these calculations which are made in a couple of milliseconds. The advantage of the Telligent system is that it effectively maintains a powerful output combined with an affordable fuel consumption.

mercedes benz trucks

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Website.

Incredible Performance

Mercedes trucks are renowned for their incredible performance. With a variety of trucks to choose from you can pick one that meets your requirements. The design of the trucks, their engines and their advanced technology all contribute to their remarkable performance.

To get an idea of what is available, here is an overview of the performance of three Axor freight Mercedes Benz trucks for sale.

Specifications of the Mercedes Benz Axor

Max Output (kW @ rpm)205 @ 2200205 @ 2200260 @ 1900
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)1100 @ 12001100 @ 12001850 @ 1100
Transmission8-speed full synchromesh8-speed full synchromesh8-speed full synchromesh
No. of cylinders6 In-line6 In-line6 In-line
Total Displacement (l)6374637411967
Top Speed (kph) 101100112

Now that you know what the Mercedes Benz Axor for sale has to offer, you can browse Truck and Trailer to find bargain prices. With a range of Mercedes trucks to choose from, you are sure to find a reliable model.

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