Better your productivity with the help of a dump truck

Increase the productivity of your business with a Cat dumper truck. From transporting materials to removing rubble, a dumper truck has a wide range of uses. You can discover more about the Cat 770 by reading our blog. With their reputation for excellence, these Cat machines stand out from the crowd. You can find dump trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer.

front of cat dumper truck

Image source: CAT South Africa website

What is a dump truck?

The main body of a dump truck resembles a flatbed truck. It has one axle underneath the cab and an additional one, two or three axles underneath the dump box. An important component of the dump box is its tailgate which can be automatically lifted to add convenience to dumping. A hydraulic system is used for enhanced efficiency. An important component of these trucks is their big internal combustion engine which delivers a powerful performance. Both petrol and diesel models are available. While the core components of every dumper truck are the same, there are various designs to accommodate a range of requirements. It’s important to buy a truck from a reputable manufacturer to ensure a good return on your investment. Cat trucks deliver a reliable performance that won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

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Image source: CAT South Africa website

How does a dumper truck work?

These trucks are typically equipped with hydraulic pistons, which elevate the side of the dump box that is closest to the cab. This results in the elevation of the whole box, tipping out its contents as required. Another type of dump truck is equipped with a reinforced panel situated vertically inside the truck with hydraulic cylinders securing it in place. The cylinders put pressure on the panel causing it to push the contents of the dump box towards the rear of the truck and out through the tailgate. The truck, as well as the dumping mechanism, is powered by the engine. The truck must be switched on before its contents can be dumped.

Types and uses of dump trucks

With different types of dump trucks for sale, it is easy to find a model that matches your requirements. The different models available internationally include articulated, rigid and tracked dump trucks. Articulated dumpers are well-suited to operating on off-road terrain and in areas where there is restricted space. However, it offers a smaller payload capacity when compared to other designs. Rigid type trucks are used to complete tasks on gentle terrain on larger construction sites. They are used for mining as well as for heavy construction operations. Tracked models are suitable for muddy terrain and can handle challenging work conditions.

There is a range of different manufacturers to choose from. Afrit, Bell, and Cat trucks are a few of your options. These trucks are commonly used in the construction industry. A dump truck can be used to remove rubble from constructions sites or to transport lumbar and scar metal. Their big, durable tires make them well-suited to performing tasks on construction sites. They can be used to transport building materials. With its efficient and trustworthy performance, a Cat dumper truck is excellent for building applications. Safety is an important consideration when operating a dumper truck since accidents take place due to tipping or poor visibility during reversing.

tough cat dump truck

Image source: CAT South Africa website

Cat dumper truck

The Cat 770 is a rugged and innovative machine that enhances the efficiency of your haul fleet. Its state-of-the-art traction control system makes it easy to handle challenging ground fuels. Another advantage of these Cat machines is their economic fuel consumption and comfortable cab. Its automotive quality shifting is also worth a mention. The Cat® C15 ACERT™ engine has a displacement of 15.2 L and it delivers an SAE J1349 net power of 356 kW with a net torque of 2 486 Nm. It has a target gross machine weight of 71 214kg. Its height to the top of the ROPS is 3 857mm with an overall length of 8 796mm and a wheelbase of 3 960mm. It has a ground clearance of 518mm and a dump clearance of 506mm. The operating width for this model is 4 780mm.

With its robust design and impressive performance, it’s easy to see why investing in a Cat dumper truck is a popular option. Now that you know more about the advantages of owning these Cat machines, you can find dump trucks for sale online.

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