Bell E Series Excavators

In the market for a rough, tough excavator for sale that is able to take on even the harshest terrain? The Bell E Series offers various models to choose from, each designed and built to tackle any job. With top quality features, technology, specifications and cab comforts, the E Series is some of the best Bell equipment for sale.

Overview of the technology and performance of the E Series Bell Excavator

A crawler excavator, the Bell E Series features Bell’s advanced system technologies. The E Series consists of a number of hydraulic excavator models that are built to last, boasting purpose-built features.

e series bell excavator

Image Source: Bell South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The technology system in this series of earth moving equipment from Bell entails an energy efficient, Positive Control twin-circuit hydraulic system. This system has been specially designed for machines that need to operate with super imposed functionality as well as have adequate operational movement.

This Positive Control twin-circuit not only allows for the optimum use of energy, but includes load sensing controls, and a precise and quick delivery for needed volume flows even when engaged in super imposed functions.

The E Series Bell excavator for sale also offers fast work cycles. This can be attributed to the machine’s powerful slewing drive which delivers fast slewing rates and a high slewing torque. With a high operating pressure capability, this excavator series from Bell features machines capable of taking on challenges in mining, earthmoving and construction industries.

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Reliability of the Bell E Series

Reliability when it comes to Bell earthmoving equipment is almost a given. The E Series has a high stability undercarriage that offers a superior force distribution and an improved service life. When it comes to carrying larger loads over rough, tough terrain, the high performance travel drive in these excavators is perfect for the job.

e series bell crawler excavator

Image Source: Bell South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The lubrication, electrical and hydraulic lines feature a simple layout, while the final-painted, treated modules and surfaces of components before assembly allows for a better protection against corrosion. Slewing structures, equipment modules as well as the undercarriage are constructed from steel, while each component is perfectly matched to mining and construction operations.

Lashing eyes that are integrated into the undercarriage and compatible with conventional securing methods, add to the reliability and safety factors needed for transporting the excavator. The excavator itself also features large, sprocket wheels that allow for an increased speed as well as aiding in reducing track vibrations.

hx390e hydralic crawler excavator

When it comes to maintenance, you can rely on this hydraulic excavator’s easy access maintenance points enabling you to carry out routine checks and services, as well as the units’ semi-automatic lubrication systems.

The bucket design of the E Series hydraulic crawler excavator is efficient in every way, the l-shape boasting strong side cutters and a longer bottom. These buckets are also specially designed for rocky terrain, capable of taking on abrasive and hard materials.

The cab and interior features

Meeting high, ergonomic specifications, the cab of the Bell E Series provides not only ease of operation, but comfort as well. The site can be a hard place to work, but the E Series cab’s design is there to make it less tough.

A wide field of vision, the cab of this Bell excavator not only has sufficient room for the operator, but provides the operator with safety as well, the roof, right hand side and front window made from laminated safety glass. The front window also features a two part design, allowing it to be completely retracted.

bell e series excavator for sale

Image Source: Bell South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The excavator is also equipped with a fully automatic climate control system which features over 12 adjustable nozzles, allowing the operator to control the flow of air. The operator’s seat is vibration-dampened and also allows for individual adjustments.

Like with other Bell earthmoving equipment, the cab itself meets the noise emission standards as well as whole-body vibration standards, resulting in a cab that has minimal vibrations and noise. A great ‘place to work’, the cab also offers closed stowage room and compartments, maximum visibility and safety.

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Bell E Series Specifications and Performance

The large diesel Liebherr engines in the Bell E Series excavator for sale delivers an efficient power output with long service life spans. The E Series hydraulic excavator also boasts fuel efficiency, its electronic engine speed sensing control creating an efficient engine output into optimal hydraulic performances.

The E Series’ cooling system consists of two hydrostatically driven fans, the speed thermostatically controlled by the temperatures of the charging air, radiator and hydraulic fluid. With an accelerated warm up period, the hydrostatic fan drive only utilises the power it needs, in turn helping to reduce your fuel consumption.

Engine ModelLiebherr D 934 SLiebherr D 934 SLiebherr D 934 SLiebherr D 924 TI-ELiebherr D 924 TI-ELiebherr D 936 L
Bore / Stroke122 mm / 136 mm122 mm / 136 mm122 mm / 136 mm122 mm / 142 mm122 mm / 142 mm122 mm / 150 mm
Displacement6.36 litres6.36 litres6.36 litres6.6 litres10.0 litres10.0 litres
Engine Rating per ISO 9249105 Kw @ 1 800 rpm115 Kw @ 1 800 rpm130 kW @ 1 800 rpm145 kW 2 000 rpm180 kW @ 2 000 rpm240 kW @ 1 800 rpm
Low Range Travel Speed3.7 km/h3.7 km/h3.7 km/h2.8 km/h3.2 km/h3.3 km/h
High Range Travel Speed6.1 km/h6.1 km/h6.1 km/h5.1 km/h5.0 km/h4.8 km/h
Digging Force ISO13.0t / 128 kN11.9 t / 117 kN 13.7 t / 134 kN14.9 t / 146 kN17.3 t / 170 kN25.8 t / 248 kN
Breakout Force ISO15.5 t / 152 kN17.4 t / 171 kN18.9 t / 185 kN18.8 t / 184 kN21.9 t / 215 kN31.9 t / 313 kN

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