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Innovative, tough, and efficient, the L2606E Bell loader is designed to boost the productivity of your operations. Designed to meet the requirements of its users, these machines make light work of demanding tasks. Its advanced design and class-leading features set the L2606E apart from the crowd. As has come to be expected of Bell Equipment, these machines are built to last. Their robust design increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs. Other highlights of the L2606E include its spacious cab, outstanding ergonomics, and its cutting-edge cooling systems. If you’re looking for reliable equipment, you can find loaders for sale on Truck & Trailer.

Bell Loader For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

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Exceptional performance

The L2606E Bell loader is equipped with a robust diesel engine, which is certified by PowerTech. These engines deliver a consistent performance even in challenging conditions. Outstanding torque reserves promote exceptional boom and bucket speeds. They are designed with a low centre of gravity for enhanced stability as well as an increased tipping load capacity. The stability of these machines is reinforced by its wide footprint. The impressive powertrain and hydraulics contribute to the fast ground speed that is maintained on steep inclines. The sealed-switch module makes it convenient for the operator to start the machine and to adjust its settings. With 24 machine functions, it’s easy to adjust the machine according to the task at hand, which ultimately maximises efficiency.


The L2606E has a rated net power of 227 kW and a heaped bucket capacity of 4.4m3. Its full-turn tipping load is 17 123kg and it has a breakout force of 19 515kg. The operating weight of this model is 24 182kg.

Bell Loader For Sale On Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.bellequipment.com

Outstanding visibility

The L2606E features large front glass as well as big side and rear windows. The front console is designed with a low-profile. Enhanced visibility makes operating this Bell loader easier and safer. An optional rear-view camera takes rear visibility a step further and contributes to improved safety. The optional radar object-detection system is another noteworthy feature of this model. An audible alert warns the driver of potential hazards.

Excellent operator comfort

Another reason to find L2606E loaders for sale is that they provide a comfortable work environment. Premium air-suspension seats are available for this model to ensure outstanding operator comfort. These optional seats can be adjusted so that they provide the operator with superior comfort and support throughout the working day. The ergonomic layout increases control while decreasing fatigue. The layout of the cab offers increased legroom, which elevates comfort levels. The cab is equipped with a 12-volt port which can be used to charge cell phones as well as a variety of electronic devices. Reduced cab noise contributes to a work environment that is conducive to productivity.

Bell Loader Interior | Machinery For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

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Increased uptime

The L2606E Bell loader is equipped with solid-state electronics as well as Quad-CoolTM, which helps to minimise downtime. Its cutting-edge diagnostic monitor helps to ensure its reliable performance. Its robust design is another aspect of this machine that contributes to its durability. The L2606E is designed to make servicing and maintenance easy. The service points are conveniently placed for easy access so that it’s simple to keep the machine in its optimal condition. The site gauges are easy to read and the L2606E is also equipped with innovative self-diagnostics. These machines are designed to reduce running costs as well as to increase the efficiency of servicing and maintenance. The result is a loader that offers you maximum uptime for increased productivity.

Bell Equipment | Machinery For Sale | Truck & Trailer

Photo Source – www.bellequipment.com

From start to finish, every aspect of the L2606E Bell loader is designed to enhance the productivity of your operations, which ultimately boosts profits. With so many advantages to owning these machines, it’s easy to see why they are popular in the industry.

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