Bobcat machinery: Tough, quick and agile

Bobcat sells large amounts of machinery in South Africa. Their equipment is popular in the construction industry. From its excellent performance to its superior operator comfort, there are plenty of reasons to find a Bobcat for sale. Remember that you can find great deals on a used Bobcat for sale on Truck and Trailer.

The Bobcat Company

Bobcat Company was responsible for inventing the skid steer loader. With 50 years of experience in the industry, this brand prides themselves in producing top quality, reliable machines. With their excellent design and durability it is easy to see why finding a Bobcat branded skid steer for sale is a popular choice.

With a range of skid-steers to choose from it is easy to find a model that fits your requirements, exactly. Whether you are busy with a large or small job, there is Bobcat equipment that can help you get the job done faster. Take a look at three top performing skid steers from Bobcat equipment to get an idea of what is available.

Skid steer

The Bobcat A770 Skid Steer Loader

The Bobcat a770 is best suited to sensitive terrain where you want to avoid damaging the grass. It offers improved traction and cycle times. Its cooling package is also better than other models. When it comes to finding a Bobcat Machine, the a770 is a great option. With its spacious cab and reduced noise levels it offers excellent driver comfort.

This model provides better visibility as well as easy entry/exit. The cab position offers easy access to the attachment. The excellent traction offers increased digging power. Adjustments have made the attachment performance more efficient and hydraulic flow has also improved. This Bobcat machine is manufactured to work hard in challenging conditions.

A guard bar protruding from the couplers provides additional protection. With a tailgate that can swing open the a770 offers excellent serviceability. The hydraulics are convenient to access with the use of cab tilt. The ease of access for maintenance tasks means that you can keep your equipment operating at its maximum potential.

The performance of the a770 is another reason to consider buying one of these models. It has a rated capacity of 1550 kgs and a tipping load of 3100 kgs. The operating weight for this model is 4291 kgs. The maximum travel speed for the Bobcat a 770 is 19.8 kph. The 3760 cm3 engine delivers 68.6 kW or power at 2400 rpm with a peak torque of 315 Nm at 1600 rpm.

Bobcat a770

Bobcat S570 Skid Steer Loader

If you are looking for a Bobcat for sale the S 570 is a good option. The S 570 is designed for material-handling. The increased lift height and operating weight make it easy to move materials. You can clear tall truck boxes and lift heavy pallets with the S 570.

The premium cab offers outstanding operator comfort. While Bobcat equipment already has a reputation for having the best cabs in the industry, they exceeded their client’s expectations by creating a premium cab for this model. Its position and design offer great visibility which decreases operator fatigue.

The cab space has been expanded to offer additional interior room. With significant decreases in cab noise this skid steer offers, operators are offered a better working environment. Not only does the S 570 have an improved cab, its performance is also note-worthy. With stronger hydraulics you can expect a high attachment performance. A better fuel capacity and stronger lighting both contribute to better efficiency.

Bobcat is renowned for producing reliable machines and the S 570 is no exception. Its strong frame and component protection coupled with an exceptional design offers superior durability. This skid-loader offers more up-time and a more efficient performance, helping you to save time on maintenance.

The easy maintenance points make keeping your machine in top shape simple. It’s convenient to reach both the engine and hydraulics. Whether its daily maintenance tasks or long term services you can save time on maintenance with this model.

You won’t be disappointed by the performance of the S 570. It has a rated operating capacity of 944 kgs with a tipping load of 1888 kgs. The operating weight of this model is 2900 kgs. It has a maximum travel speed of 17.3 kph. The 2600 cm3 engine delivers 45.5 kW of power at 2700 rpm with a peak torque of 201Nm at 1425 rpm.

Bobcat S570

Looking at the Bobcat S630 Skid Steer

The S 630 caters to a need for loaders that are in-between medium and large. Both compact and powerful this model offers more uptime. If you are looking for excellent productivity and efficiency then this is the right skid-loader for you. With a lower cab door it is easy to enter or exit the S 630. Its larger interior offers operator comfort.

With larger windows and a repositioned cab this model offers great visibility. The seal on the top window has been improved which prevents water from leaking into the interior. This model was developed in response to clients’ needs for a smaller more powerful skid-loader.

Greater traction, improved transmission ratios and increased hydraulic efficiency help to achieve this goal. A variety of measures have been implemented to ensure that the S 630 is a proper Bobcat machine. A guard bar protruding from the front offers extra protection. The design decreases the possibility of rubbing points between machine parts.

Straight fittings and the location of the two-speed block contribute to the durability of this model. Maintenance and cleaning work is easy with a swing-open tailgate as well as the transversely mounted engine.

The Bobcat S 630 has a related operating capacity of 1040 kgs and a tipping load of 2079 kgs. It has an operating weight of 3496 kgs. This model has a maximum travel speed of 19.8 kph. Its 3331 cc engine delivers 55.4 kW of power at 2400 rpm with a peak torque of 264 Nm at 1600 rpm.


The Bobcat A770 vs the S570 vs the S630 Skid Steers

To compare all three models at a glance take a look at this handy table.

Technical Specifications for the Bobcat Branded Skid Steers

Bobcat a770Bobcat S 570Bobcat S 630
Rated Operating Capacity (kg)15509441040
Tipping Load (kg)310018882079
Operating weight (kg)429129003496
Max Travel Speed – high (kph)19.8 kph17.319.8
Engine Displacement (cm3)376926003331
Power (kW@rpm)68.6 @ 240045.5 @ 270055.4 @ 2400
Torque (Nm@rpm)315 @ 1600201 @ 1425264 @ 1600

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Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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