Bomag Rollers: Cutting Edge Technology and Outstanding Productivity

Rollers have a range of useful applications. When it comes to construction equipment it is vital to buy machines that are durable and reliable. If it is construction equipment for sale you are looking for, it is advisable to buy from manufacturers that are well known. The Bomag Roller offers an excellent performance. If you are looking for a Bomag roller for sale, here is useful information to get you started.


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Different Types of Rollers

A road roller is used to compact soil, gravel or concrete. While compactors play a vital role in the construction of roads they are also used in the agricultural sector. Static rollers compress surfaces using their own weight while a mechanical roller use vibrating parts for compression. A padfoot drum roller has excellent compaction capabilities. The roller’s weight, speed and strength need to be taken into consideration. The roller that you choose will depend on its application, however high performance rollers are typically needed for large developments. A single smooth drum compactor is used to increase the evenness and smoothness of the surface. The base of road is compacted using a pneumatic tyre roller. Rollers can also be used to compact landfills. This type of construction equipment is vital to build dams and pavements. It also plays a role in soil stabilisation.


Bomag the brand

If you are looking for great value-for-money, consider Bomag construction equipment for sale. Bomag is a leading global manufacturer of Compaction Technology. The company supplies compaction machinery to customers across the world. Their machinery has a diverse range of applications including horticulture and landscaping. Bomag was founded in 1957 and since then it has expanded to include 400 dealers in more than 120 countries.

Bomag has an extensive range of machinery to choose from. The compactor that you choose will depend on the application that you are using it for as well as the size of your job.

Find a Bomag Roller suited for the job

The BW 138 AC-51 is a viable option for small construction projects. It comes in handy for walkways and parking lots. It has a width of 1380 mm and a weight of 4100 – 4300 kgs.


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If you are working on agricultural roads or urban traffic circles, the BM 1000/35600 Bomag roller is a good option. It offers a clear arrangement as well as agility. The BM 1000/35600 has a width of 600 – 1000 kgs and an operating weight of 2150 – 2550 kgs.


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When it comes to refuse compactors the BC 573 RB-4 is a good option. It is designed to work on small and big landfill sites. It is also suitable for transportation as well as loading. The BC 573 RB-4 has a working width of 3600 mm and an operating weight of 28300 – 29100 kgs.
Bomag has recently launched a new single drum roller. The newest generations weight between 11 000 and 26 000 kgs. These machines are capable of operating in challenging conditions. They are suitable for earthworks and road construction. Pipeline construction is another suitable application for a single drum roller. These models can be fitted with a rock crusher drum to crush and compact rock materials. Single drum rollers have a roller drum as well as pneumatic rubber tires fitted to the back. The cab offers a good view of the work area making operation easier. Typically these machines have a diesel engine as well as a vibration unit. If you are looking for strong, dynamic and reliable construction equipment for sale, consider buying a Bomag single drum roller.

Construction Equipment on Truck and Trailer

Take a look at the construction equipment you can find on Truck and Trailer.

Single Drum Roller


A single drum roller is part of the different types of high quality rollers for sale on Truck and Trailer. This 300 kg model is priced at R 42 150 plus VAT. The 2014 model has a Honda Engine, width of 600 mm as well as mechanical steering.

Kipor Vibration Roller


A 950 kg Kipor is available for R 92 950 plus VAT. This 2014 model has a width of 700 mm as well as a diesel engine.
With so many different options to choose from it is easy to find rollers which meet both your needs and your budget. For more great deals on construction equipment for sale, visit today!


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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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