Boom lift for sale: Get optimum elevation and productivity

If you need to reach a high place but require a platform that is maneuverable, but still stable, then you should really consider finding a boom lift for sale. A boom crane, boom truck and the like are specifically designed to extend above 50 meters in a controlled and safe manner. The best place to find a boom crane for sale is from Eazi Sales & Services. They are a 100% South African-owned BEE Company that are the sole distributors of JLG aerial work platforms and boom lifts in South Africa. You can find their machinery for sale on Truck and Trailer. Let’s take a look at some of their products and what’s available on the Truck and Trailer website.


Articulated Diesel Boom Lifts

An articulated boom lift for sale is used for reaching over other equipment and getting to very high places that a straight telescopic boom lift will not be able to get to. They are perfect for rough or uneven terrain as the platform can be leveled out independently from the boom crane operator’s cab. A JGL boom lift will allow for exceptional reach, high capacity lifts, versatile usability and easy maintenance. If you need to get a group of workers to a difficult-to-reach area, then these lifts are the answer.

One of the most versatile boom lifts is the JLG 510AJ. This lift has a 180 degree powered platform rotator with a variable speed dial for individually controlling the boom jib and the platform rotation. It also comes with JGL’s patented Control ADE system which allows for smoother lifting functions, increased fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

Key Specs for the JLG 510AJ
• Working Height: 17.81 m
• Platform Capacity: 230 kg
• Platform Height: 15.81 m
• Swing: 360 Degrees
• Horizontal Outreach: 9.48 m


JLG 510AJ Boom Lift

Telescopic Diesel Booms

These boom lifts are designed to reach very high places safely and efficiently. Telescopic booms give the highest reach possible but are still compact enough to circumvent tight work areas. An added advantage of the JGL telescopic boom lift range is that they can be operated from the work platform an advantage if you only have one operator. They can hoist themselves into the air and move the base of the lift from the elevated platform, even while elevated. You don’t need two people to operate these booms.

A great telescopic diesel boom lift for sale is the JLG 660SJ. This is JLG’s bestselling 60 ft boom lift. It has very easy-to-use platform controls which help to reduce operator training times. It’s also equipped with a fuel-efficient Tier 3B engine for keeping your running costs down.

Key Specs for the JLG 660SJ
• Platform Height: 20.31 m
• Working height: 22.31 m
• Horizontal Outreach: 17.30 m
• Swing: 360 Degrees
• Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 230 kg


JLG 660SJ Boom Lift

Electric booms

These booms come in both articulated and telescopic models and perform the same functions as the diesel variants that we spoke about earlier, but they are meant to be used when reach is needed in a sensitive environment. Let’s say you are working in a natural environment or inside of a factory that isn’t well ventilated. You don’t want exhaust fumes contaminating the area, so an electric boom is the way to go. All of the JLG electric boom models are Environmentally-friendly, quiet and carbon emission free. They even have Non-marking tyres for sensitive indoor flooring and the batteries are rechargeable through a standard 220V electric plug.

A great electric boom truck is the JLG E400AJPN-M400AJPN Electric Boom. These have a 15.50m working height with various options for increasing the lifts versatility. They also come with Automatic Traction Control that allows for better terrain movement and safer maneuverability, and the direct electric drives allow for longer duty cycles to keep your machine working for longer.

Key Specs for the JLG E400AJPN-M400AJPN Electric mobile lift for sale
• Working Height: 14.19 m
• Horizontal Outreach: 6.45 m
• Platform Height: 12.19 m
• Swing: 360 Degrees
• Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 230 kg


JLG E400AJPN Boom Lift

JLG Tow-Pro™ Series – Towable Booms

JGL has created a boom crane and turntables that are mounted on a towable trailer chassis for people that don’t want to spend too much money on a self-powered boom lift for sale. These boom lifts are very versatile and mobile, and have an industry-leading 105 km/h towing speed. You hook them onto the back of a carrier vehicle and then deploy them onsite. They have hydraulic auto-leveling outriggers that stabilize the boom and can either run on batteries or petrol. They are cost effective, very mobile and versatile, making this a fantastic boom lift for sale to invest your money in.

The most powerful Towable Boom that JGL sells is the T500J. It utilizes either a petrol engine or a 24 V DC electric power and comes standard with air and water lines to power anything from a pressure washer to a compressor. It also has mounting platforms for the device you will be hoisting up on the boom lift.

Key Specs for the T500J
• Working Height: 17.24 m
• Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 227 kg
• Platform Height: 15.24 m
• Swing: 130 Degrees
• Horizontal Outreach: 9.14 m


JLG T500J Boom Lift

JLG’s Compact Crawlers (Spider lifts)

These lifts are very lightweight and incredibly versatile. They are lightweight and have very thin chassis for access through gates, doors and hard-to-reach areas. They can be used outdoors and indoors because of low weight rubber tracks that have been specially designed to not mark floor surfaces. In fact, the tracks can climbs steps. The outrigging sets up with the touch of a button and will automatically level itself out. This is the perfect lift for indoor areas and hard to reach structure.

The X23J is the biggest spider boom crane that JGL has on offer. It does everything we have just mentioned and is very environmentally-friendly. It has both electric and combustion combination power for lowering running costs and eliminating emissions all together if need be.

Key Specs for the X23J
• Working Height: 23.10 m
• Platform Capacity: 120 kg
• Platform Height: 21.10 m
• Swing: 360 Degrees
• Horizontal Outreach: 11.13 m


JLG X23J Boom Lift

JGL boom lifts available on Truck and Trailer:

JLG 600A Boom lifts

Genie Z45 Boom lifts

JLG E45 Boom lifts

JLG 35E Boom lifts

While there are numerous advantages to a boom lift, there are some things to keep in mind. It is imperative that you maintain the machine correctly to prevent it from malfunctioning and seizing up while a person is in the air. You need to make sure that the extender and hydraulic lines are in excellent condition at all times.

The person who is operating the boom truck should have the necessary training to prevent accidents or mistakes. You should inspect the machine before and after use and it should be regularly serviced to ensure it always runs smoothly.


A boom lift is incredibly versatile and maneuverable. It is easy to see why so many South African companies choose to use these machines to make their day-to-day activities easier. If you are looking for a great deal, look for a boom lift for sale on Truck and Trailer.


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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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