Build your business with the VW Transporter Cab Range

Are you looking for VW commercial vehicles? With its comfortable cab and durable exterior, the VW Transporter Cab range is a great buy. This small but capable VW truck will boost the efficiency of your business while reducing running costs. Its confident stance creates a bold impression on the road, making it a robust VW for sale in South Africa for the commercial industry.

The Transporter Cab Range has a flatbed which makes it fast and convenient to load and unload goods. Transporter cabs are designed to carry goods from one location to another.

vw transporter cab range

Image Source: VW Commercial South Africa Website.

These trucks are well-suited to moving heavy and abnormal loads. They offer hassle free transportation solutions that won’t let you down. The open design of the truck provides more space than closed body models.

The flexibility of the transporter cab allows these vehicles to be used for multiple purposes. The comprehensive practicality of their design sets them apart from the crowd.

Functional Design of the VW Transporter Cab

The Transporter cab range offers you 4 variations to choose from. The variety in this range means that you can choose the Volkswagen commercial vehicles which best meet your requirements. The rugged exterior design of this vehicles is manufactured to be highly functional.

The VW transporter cab features 16” or 17” steel wheels which complements its capable exterior design. The separate daytime running lights are automatically switched on to increase safety during transportation. The reinforced load platform is designed to be practical and durable. It features folding aluminium slides as well as a tailgate to make loading easier and more efficient.

Other useful components of the loading platform are its back step and safety latches. Power steering makes manoeuvring in the city easier and more efficient. The rubber floor covering enhances the durability of the Transporter cab and makes it easier to keep the interior clean.

single and double can vw trucks

Image Source: VW Commercial South Africa Website.

The double cab models feature heated mirrors that can be repositioned electronically. These robust workhorses are 5500mm long, 1994 mm wide and 1948 mm high. The wheelbase of these models is 3400 mm and their ground clearance is 202 mm. These models have a turning circle of 13.2 metres. The load compartment area is 5.7 m2 for the single cab and 4.2 m2 for the double cab VW truck models.

The interior of the cab has been designed to support the driver. While there are 2 seats inside the single cab, the double cab models offer 5 seats. Electric windows are a convenient feature of the double cab variations.

A highlight of the double cab models in the Transporter Cab Range is the ‘Composition Audio’ radio which features an LCD screen. A pleasant working environment is maintained with the Climatic air-conditioning. The height and depth of the steering column can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of the driver.

Safety and Technology in the VW Transporter Cab

The Transporter Cab Range is equipped with safety features to protect your staff, vehicle and goods. This VW truck has Electronic Stability Control and an Anti-lock Braking System. Other features which offer the driver support include an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System as well as Anti-slip Regulation.

Active safety features for these Volkswagen commercial vehicles include Electronic Differential Lock and a Traction Control System. The Hill hold control makes dealing with slopes easier. The front airbag protects the driver if a collision takes place.

VW Transporter Cab

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An immobiliser and mechanical locking mechanism protects your VW truck against theft. The double cab models offer additional protection against criminals with the anti-theft alarm system. The remote-controlled central locking is a convenient feature of these variations.

Impressive Performance of the Transporter Cab Range

Not only is the VW Transporter Cab a vehicle that you can trust, it delivers a remarkable performance too. Equipped with 4-cylinder 2.0 TDI engines these trucks offers a smooth and quiet ride. To see an overview of the specifications for these trucks, take a look at the table below.

Single Cab 2.0 TDIDouble Cab 2.0 TDI2.0 BiTDI DSG
Engine Capacity1 968 cm31 968 cm31 968 cm3
Power75 kW @ 3 000 -3 750 rpm75 kW @ 3 000 -3 750 rpm132 kW @ 4 000 rpm
Torque250 Nm @ 1 500 – 2 500 rpm250 Nm @ 1 500 – 2 500 rpm400 Nm @1 500 – 2 000 rpm
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual7-speed DSG
Combined Fuel Consumption7.9 litres / 100 km7.9 litres / 100 km8.4 litres / 100 km
Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h)15.2 seconds15.9 seconds10.2 seconds
Top Speed141 km/h144 km/h175 km/h
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)3 000 kg2 800 kg2 800 kg
Minimum Unladen Weight1 562 kg1 652 kg1 744 kg
Maximum Payload1 438 kg1 148 kg1 056 kg
Front Axle Load Limit1 500 kg1 600 kg1 600 kg
Rear Axle Load Limit1 550 kg1 550 kg1 550 kg
VW Transporter Cab Price starting at:R 327 400R 366 900R 450 800

Another model option also available includes the Double Cab 2.0 TDi. Delivering an output of 103 kW, this model has a starting price of R 415 300.

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