Carry the load with a KIA K2700

If you are in the market for a new truck to meet all your carrying needs, the Kia K2700 for sale and the variants available slot in perfectly, with a host of features that make it a powerful, efficient and smooth ride. The K2700 Kia Trucks offer reliability capable of carrying the load.


Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

An Overview of the Kia K2700

Designed for optimum load carrying the Kia K2700 is best suited to various situations and applications. From transporting goods, moving, assisting in heavy lifting and much more, it is ideal for all your trucking and transport needs.

You can choose between a spacious three-seater design interior, with an option for a six-seater if you choose the double cab, making it ideal for any job, big or small.

kia for sale

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

It features either single or double rear wheels depending on your needs, all of which help with load carrying and an easy ride, no matter the load or the terrain.

The Kia K2700 for sale is the best mix of a truck with all the benefits and ease of use that you’ll find in a passenger car, making it ideal for various uses.

The Engine and Exterior of the K2700

Thanks to its unique styling, powerful engine, efficient load carrying capacity and technical performance, these small trucks for sale help with the overall carrying process and allow you, the owner or driver to focus on the job at hand.

The 2.7 litre, 4-cylinder, J2 diesel engine delivers 62 kW of power at 4150 rpm and 165 Nm of torque at 2400 rpm; making it a powerful and economically efficient drive, while allowing you to haul a range of goods. While the 5-speed transmission ensure a smooth and easy ride.

k2700 rear view

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

With its power steering, you won’t struggle to park; you’ll find it just as easy as any car.

The rear, covered, gate chain has a staying power of many years and the operated catcher allows for easier gripping, propping up goods and a smooth movement when making use of it. While the rounded brim cover means for easy loading and unloading.

You can find a range of colours options as well as optional extras that can be fitted to ensure the Kia K2700 and the exterior are customised as you see fit.

The Interior of these Kia Trucks

You can expect a lot from this Kia truck for sale and that is not limited to its features, capabilities and exterior.

Its interior is no less impressive; everything from its glovebox and interior space and storage, to its upholstery and centre console have all been carefully considered and designed by Kia. All to allow for the best, most comfortable and easiest drive possible.

k2700 kia truck cabin

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

The glove box in these Kia trucks offers up to 11 litres of space and can hold a range of items for all needs. While the front centre seat can be folded back to allow for additional storage space.

The seats are designed for the best in support and comfort, for all drivers and occupants. They are specially designed to be durable and used everyday. The driver’s seat has extra thick cushions to help in attempting to reduce driver fatigue on long journeys.

The cabin of the Kia K2700 for sale is ergonomically designed and features a range of instruments, including an LED gauge cluster and the centre console layout that are easy to keep an eye on, and ideal for hours on the road.

k2700 kia for sale centre console

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

You can enjoy high quality sound with the option to connect and listen to a range of external music devices, from Bluetooth and audio remote control options to CD, MP3, USB and Aux cables. Allowing you to switch between a range of options for any, and every, drive.

Features of the Kia K2700

As for the K2700 feature and space capacities, you’ll find a 2.81 metre long deck and 1.63 metre wide railed bed on these small trucks for sale, which allows for a host of loading options. The bed also has a low height of just 7,33 meters, which has been designed to help make the overall loading and unloading process that much easier.

The K2700 Kia truck for sale has a 1.3-ton load capacity and wishbone style stabiliser meaning that it can handle a range of different terrain, from busy streets to winding roads. The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve also helps with overall braking stability and is useful in many driving situations.

The power steering and option to choose the height means whatever the situation, driving the K2700 is a breeze. While the back warning systems alerts you to any obstacles that may be behind the Kia K2700, in case of impaired visibility due to certain loads.

You’ll also find that the front open panes mean you can access and change various fluids without worrying about affecting the power; a highly useful feature for when you are on the road and need to ensure everything is on track.

Different Options offered by these Kia Trucks

The K2700 has a range of different models and options available, you can choose between the Workhorse Tipper, Sebenza, Workhorse Drop Side and Workhorse Chassis Cab; all of which are suitable to do different jobs.

The Workhorse Tipper, K2700 Sebenza, Workhorse Drop Side and Workhorse Chassis Cab all have the same power, displacement, compression ratio and a host of other features, including maximum speed. They do all differ in terms of certain features and options available.

kia sebenza

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

The Workhorse Tipper is similar to the Kia K2700 for sale and includes a reinforced load bed, which is ideal for heavier loads and longer trips. This means that the Tipper is usually an ideal option for transporting construction material, from gravel, sand and stones.

The Sebenza, on the other hand, has a larger load deck along with the usual 1,3 ton payload, and features a tow bar, that allows for the use of a trailer. This makes it ideal for a range of carrying situations and jobs.

The K2700 Workhorse Drop Side and Workhorse Chassis Cab also have a range of similar features but differ their own way, each having unique features that help them get the job done, in the most efficient way possible.

The K2700 Specifications

Want to learn more about the Kia K2700? Then the specs highlighting its key features, including displacement, maximum power, maximum torque, maximum speed, curb weight, will help you make a decision.

Specifications of the Kia K2700

Engine TypeIn-line 4 cyl, DOHC 16 valve turbo charged diesel In-line 4 cyl. 8 valve naturally aspirated diesel
Displacement (CC)2 665
Maximum speed (km/h)Maximum speed (km/h) 120
Max power (kW/rpm) 62 / 4 000
Max torque (Nm/rpm) 165 /2 400
Curb weight (min-max kg) 1 555
Fuel supply system Diesel Bosch type injection pump
Fuel type Diesel (10 ppm /50 ppm or 500 ppm)
Accessories for your Kia Truck

You’ll find a host of different, and ideal, accessories available for the K2700 that make it perfect for any job. These include a bull bar, Beekman Half Door Canopy, a Spare Wheel Lock and much more, all of which help in enhancing the capabilities of the K2700.

Choosing the Kia K2700, or the variants, depends on your needs and what you are most likely to make use of it. Ideal for a range of loads and featuring some unique transport options, the K2700 is a formidable pick.

k2700 headlights

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

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