Case 621F Front End Loader designed for the toughest jobs

With a number of benefits to owning one of the amazing Case Front End Loaders on the South African market, it is easy to see why these types of machinery play such vital role in the construction industry. If you are considering investing in Front End Loaders for sale on Truck & Trailer, take a closer look at the Case 621F.

Front End Loader s increase the efficiency of moving materials from one place to another. These machines are also used to lift materials off the ground. The ability of Front End Loader s to increase the productivity of construction work makes these machines a worthwhile investment. The Case 621F delivers a reliable performance that won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

case 621f

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The Case 621F’s Reliable Performance on Tough Jobs

Case Front End Loader s are well known for their trustworthy performance and the 621F is no exception. The Case 621F is built to get the job done no matter what challenges stand in its way. These machines can handle situations where outstanding traction is required such as when travelling over soft soil.

The differential lock stops the machine from slipping which results in the prevention of overheating. This feature protects the 621F from damage and reduces downtime. Tough front and rear axles offer increased resistance.

These Front End Loader s can be used to load a variety of materials into a truck. They are often used to load dirt or sand into trucks on construction sites. They are also useful when materials such as bricks or pipes need to be moved from one location to another.

621f case front end loader

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Front End Loader s are equipped with wheels rather than tracks and the Case 621F offers remarkable manoeuvrability. Equipped with 20,5R25 L3 radical tires these machines can navigate a wide range of terrain. From mud to paved roads, the 621F can handle different surfaces. While wheels are slightly less stable than tracks, the flexibility they offer makes up for the slightly reduced traction.

Other benefits of wheels include higher travel speeds and reduced damage to paved surfaces. The 621F has hydraulic steering which is operated with a front end valve. This steering increases the manoeuvrability of the Front End Loader and enables it to carry heavier loads.

Case 621F Cab Features

Not only does the Case 621F deliver an outstanding performance, its design also provides optimal safety. This Front End Loader safeguards the operator against falling objects and meets the ISO EN3449. The operator and machine are protected against rollover. This model complies with the ISO EN13510 guidelines.

The cab provides the operator with a pleasant work environment which plays a role in optimising productivity. The air-cushioned seat reduces vibrations. The cab is designed to offer excellent visibility. Improved visibility reduces driver fatigue as well as improving safety.

cab interior of the case front end loaders

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Performance and specifications of the 621F Case Front End Loader

The Case 621F is equipped with a FPT Tier III 6.7 litre Common Rail engine. The fuel tank has a capacity of 248 usable litres. The capacity of the cooling system is 26.8 litres while the capacity of the engine oil is 13 litres. The total system hydraulic oil and transmission oil capacities are 148 litres and 27 litres respectively.

The front axles and differentials deliver superior traction as well as increased maintenance intervals. With maintenance intervals that have been extended by 50% these Front End Loader s offer reduced downtime and decreased maintenance costs.

case fel

Image Source: Case Construction South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Another note-worthy benefit of these Case Front End Loaders are a 30% decrease in tire wear which further reduces operating costs. At the front of the machine is a MT-L3075-II axle with a dynamic load of 12.700 kgs. At the rear is a ZF oscillating axle with a dynamic load of 10.700 kgs.

The self-adjusting 4 wheel disc brakes have an area of 0.39 m2/hub. An advantage of these brakes is that they are maintenance free. The parking brake has an area of 58cm2 and it can be activated from the cluster inside the cab. For an overview of the specifications, take a look at the table below.

Case 621F
Maximum Power
SAE J1995
128 kW @ 1 800 rpm
Maximum Torque
SAE J1995
730 Nm @ 1 600 rpm
Loaded Raising Time6.3 seconds
Loaded Dump Time1.2 seconds
Lowering Time
(Empty, Power Down)
4.4 seconds
Lowering Time
(Empty, Float Down)
4.4 seconds

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