Case Tractors – The New Magnum Series

Comprising of four models, the newest Magnum Series of Case Tractors are stunning pieces of farming equipment, evolving over the past 27 years to become a tractor of choice for contractors and large scale farmers alike. Stunning tractors for sale, today the Truck and Trailer team takes a closer look at what these beauties have to offer.


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The Interior and Features of the Magnum Series

Designed for long days behind the wheel, the interior of these Case tractors are comfortable, featuring quality leather upholstery, a seat that’s ergonomically suspended and controls that are intuitively placed for easy and comfortable use.


Going one step further, the seat suspension is automatic, smartly reacting to the weight of the driver in order to deliver a smooth ride. Even the passenger will have a comfortable seat upholstered in leather and boasting a backrest.


Adjustable components – that include everything from the armrests to the steering wheel – storage compartments and the new radio with plug-in as well as Bluetooth connection also forms part of what makes these tractors great.


Probably one of the most outstanding features of the Magnum Series is its intuitive operation via the Integrated Control Panel (ICP). This panel gives you a clear overview of all the tractor’s functions, supplying you with the key information that is important at a simple glance.

The AFS Pro 700 touch screen in these Case tractors integrates the data from your tractor and implement. The multi controller (with drivelogic) enables drivers to control everything – from throttle and speed selection, to direction changes and Headland Management – at their fingertips.

Features of the AFS Pro 700 also allows you to see the tractor’s performance level, and to easily adjust it for settings of different implements, and customise different screens to showcase the information that is important to you.

The ICP performance cluster (on the tractor’s A Pillar) of these Case tractors for sale will also tell the driver everything there is to know in terms of engine speed, brake position and actual ground speed to name but a few examples.


Low noise levels, the panoramic view, an automatic air conditioner and a carpeted floor (in the Luxury Cab options) are just some of the outstanding features you can expect to find in the interior.

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Technical Details on the Magnum Series

The Magnum Series of tractors were first launched way back in 1987 featuring a horsepower that ranged from 160 and 240.

Allowing for versatile connection for a range of implements, these tractors for sale also boasts a heavy-duty hitch and drawbar. Standard electronic draft control provides a lift capacity of up to 10 200 kilogrammes, allowing for heavier and wider implements.

Case Tractors in the Magnum range of models are fitted with a standard 98 inch bar axle. Do note however that different axles are available in this regard. In terms of the front axle, the Magnum 250 is fitted with a Class 4.75 axle while the models delivering more than 250 horsepower are available with a Class 5 axle.


The suspension of the front axle helps to keep all your wheels on the ground, aiding in the very best control and traction over a rougher terrain.

A smooth ride is guaranteed with Case tractors’ five point suspension package – which includes suspension on the rear and front linkage, seat, cab, axle and seat – all perfectly adjusted, coupled with a suspended front axle design that isolates the driver from shocks.


Another stunning feature of these Case tractors for sale can be found under the (very modern styled) hood. Boasting a powerful 8.7 litre, six cylinder heart capable of delivering maximum torques at a greater range of engine speeds.

Achieving Stage IV emission standards, the Magnum Series tractors are equipped with Magnum’s Full Powershift transmission, allowing for a seamless shift from zero kilometres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour and from 40, to 50 kilometres per hour. The Full Powershift Transmission also features Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which is tasked with automatically reducing the engine’s speed to match the power requirements.


You can also select between Field and Road mode, allowing Automatic Productivity Management (APM) to deliver a continuously optimised efficiency.


The Magnum Series also boasts amazing PTO power at low engine rpms, with a 1 000 PTO speed being achieved at 1 803 rpm.

Specifications for the Magnum Series Tractors from Case

When looking at the Magnum Series of Case Tractors, you will be able to choose between the Magnum 250, the Magnum 280, the Magnum 310 and the Magnum 340.


All the models are equipped with turbocharged, intercooled, common rail diesel engine with 24 valves. These engines meet Tier 2 Emission Levels. The models also features an intake duct that provides cleaner air coupled with a minimum amount of moisture.


Because of the cleaner air now coming from the intake duct, these tractors for sale also delivers a high filtering efficiency in the pre-cleaner.


In the table below is some information concerning the Magnum’s engine capacity, power and torque.

Case Magnum Series Tractor Specifications

Magnum 250Magnum 280Magnum 310Magnum 340
Engine Capacity 8 700 cm38 700 cm38 700 cm38 700 cm3
Maximum Power ECE R120 Power Management at 1 800 rpm235 kW 258 kW281 kW301 kW
Maximum Power ECE R120 at 1 800 rpm209 kW232 kW255 kW275 kW
Maximum Torque Power Management at 1 400 rpm – 1 600 rpm1 407 Nm1 558 Nm1 708 Nm1 800 Nm
Maximum Torque at 1 400 rpm – 1 600 rpm1 229 Nm1 3814 Nm1 531 Nm1 671 Nm

An additional option is also available in the form of the Magnum 340 Rowtrac. This variation allows for more flexibility, improved manoeuvring capabilities and better flotation. Creating the perfect balance, these Case tractors for sale features an oscillating rear-track design and tyre options that fits your row spacing width.

Designed to run on tracks and following the same concept as the Quadtrac, row spacing available includes 193 centimetres, 203.2 centimetres and 223.5 centimetres. The available track width for the Magnum 340 Rowtrac includes a 76.2 centimetre track width and a 61 centimetre track width.


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