Get maximum efficiency from the CAT 785D off-highway truck

Comfortable, robust, and reliable, the CAT 785D off-highway truck delivers an outstanding performance. These trucks feature a robust exterior and they’re designed for easy maintenance to decrease downtime and maximise efficiency. When it comes to selecting mining trucks for your business, the CAT 785D is an excellent investment.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck | Truck & Trailer

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Comfortable Operator Station

The interior of the CAT 785D off-highway truck is designed to provide the operator with a comfortable work environment, which is conducive to productivity. The air conditioner helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature despite the weather conditions outside and the heater/defroster is a useful feature for those colder days. A storage compartment and coat hook make it easier to keep the station organised and tidy. Other noteworthy features of the CAT 785D include a diagnostic connection port, sun visor, and tinted glass. The telescopic steering wheel is padded for extra comfort and it can be adjusted to meet the requirements of individual drivers. The electric powered windows add convenience to driving these trucks. The operator’s station offers increased visibility through the Integrated Object Detection System. The station boasts an ergonomic layout, which reduces operator fatigue and boosts efficiency. Reused noise and vibration contribute to the pleasant work environment these mining trucks offer.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck Interior | Truck & Trailer

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Easy maintenance

These mining trucks are designed to minimise downtime. An oil renewal system is available for this model, which decreases running expenses by offering longer intervals between oil changes. The engine is safeguarded by a computer system to ensure its longevity. This feature reduces the strain that is placed on the engine during cold starts and when operating at high altitudes. Another available feature for this model, which increases its lifespan, is engine pre-lubrication.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck For Sale | Truck & Trailer

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Robust exterior

The CAT 785D off-highway truck features a box-section design which includes two forgings as well as 24 castings positioned in high-stress sections. The wrap-around welds decrease the risk of damage without increasing the weight of this truck. Convenient access to powertrain parts makes it easier to keep these mining trucks in good working order. The body is raised and pinned so that it’s easy to reach the transmission. These mining trucks also have steel structures that contribute to their robust design.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck | Mining Equipment For Sale On Truck & Trailer

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Excellent safety

These mining trucks offer superior safety. The standard safety features of this model include slip-resistant surfaces as well as guard rails. The wide angled mirrors offer increased visibility and the shutoff switches help to safeguard the operator as well as the truck. Other highlights of the CAT 785D are its ground-level access as well as its body retaining cable.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck | Mining Equipment | Truck & Trailer

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The CAT 785D off-highway truck is equipped with a Cat® 3512C HD engine with a gross power of 1 082.0kW and a net power of 1005kW. The engine has a displacement of 58.56 l and a bore x stroke of 170.0mm x 215.0mm. The torque rise for this model is 23.0%. The CAT 785D has a gross machine operating weight of 249 476.0kg. These mining trucks have a top speed of 54.8km/h when loaded. They have a steer angle of 36.0 ° and a machine clearance turning diameter of 33.2m.

CAT 785D Off-highway Truck | Truck & Trailer

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Now that you know more about the CAT 785D off-highway truck, you can search on Truck & Trailer for mining trucks that match your requirements. From start to finish, every aspect of the CAT 785D is designed to exceed your expectations.

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Get maximum efficiency from the CAT 785D off-highway truck
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Get maximum efficiency from the CAT 785D off-highway truck
Comfortable, robust & reliable, the CAT 785D off-highway truck delivers an outstanding performance & is designed to provide a comfortable work environment.
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