Get more productive with the CAT D9T Dozer

Durable, efficient and reliable, the CAT D9T is a worthwhile addition to your business. This dozer is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for operators. Their innovative design is complemented by robust components, which ensure that you can trust these dozers to get the job done without any hassles. Read our blog post to discover more about the CAT D9T.

CAT D9T Dozer For Sale On Truck & Trailer

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Engine and design

This machine is equipped with a Cat C18 engine that features ACERT Technology. The end result is a machine that is compliant with strict emissions regulations. The engine delivers 436hp of net power at 1 800rpm, which makes them well-suited to handling tough materials. The durability of these dozers decreases downtime and ensures a reliable performance that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. If you want to boost the efficiency of your operations, these machines are an excellent investment. They are designed to add convenience to repair-and-maintenance tasks, which makes these aspects of upkeep easy.

The larger components have a modular design to make them easy to remove and repair without interfering with other systems. At the core of these machines is their heavy and robust frame, which includes strong steel castings. In addition to this, they also feature continuously rolled frame rails. The frame of this dozer supports the undercarriage as well as other crucial components.

CAT D9T Dozer | Dozers For Sale On Truck & Trailer

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Productivity and longevity

The CAT D9T has a fully suspended undercarriage, which results in an increased number of daily cycles. Extra cycles boost productivity levels, which ultimately results in increased profits. The elevated sprocket, combined with the suspended undercarriage, result in improved traction as well as a better ride quality. The design of this dozer decreases tough impact on the components of the machine that contributes to its longevity.

CAT D9T Dozer | Dozers For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

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Cab benefits

A comfortable work environment decreases operator fatigue. These dozers are built to reduce noise levels as well as to stress levels. A highlight of the cab is its Information Display screen, which is bigger and quicker and boasts a menu that is easy to use. Electronic features help to guide operators who have less experience so that they can get the best performance out of the machine.

The CAT D9T is equipped with an automated blade assist, autocarry and adaptive load select. It has an automatic ripper control as well as a Cat Grade Control 3D. The cabs of these dozers are equipped with an adjustable armrest as well as a heater. It has a deactivation switch as well as hydraulic controls. Other highlights of the cab are its MP3 and radio. The ROPS-mounted air conditioner helps to maintain a pleasant environment inside the cab despite exterior weather conditions. The CAT D9T has a cloth air suspension seat as well as steering and transmission control.

CAT D9T Dozer Cab | Truck & Trailer

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Safety features

Safety is an important priority for any business operations and the CAT D9T is designed to optimise safety. Access lighting, as well as visibility arrangements, are noteworthy safety features of these machines. They’re equipped with a push-arm grab handle as well as steps and guardrails. They also have anchorage points.

CAT D9T Dozer | CAT Dozers For Sale On Truck & Trailer

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Now that you know more about the CAT D9T, you can look for dozers for sale online. From start to finish, every aspect of these machines maintains high levels of quality and convenience.

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