CAT front end loader: World-class quality, comfort and efficiency

In the market for a front end loader for sale on Truck & Trailer? Today is your lucky day! The Truck & Trailer team looks at the Cat front end loader for sale, telling you more about the Cat 966 Loader.

Cat machines have a reputation for excellence and their front end loaders are no exception. Before you find a Cat front end loader, take a look at an overview of the 966H and 966L.

966h cat wheel loader

Image Source: CAT South Africa Website.

The Cat 966H Loader

The Cat 966H loader delivers a remarkable performance. This Cat wheel loader won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Its superior operator comfort adds to its appeal. The world-class cab creates a good work environment which promotes efficiency.

If you want to increase the productivity of your business, find a Cat 966H front end loader for sale. The Performance Series buckets result in reduced dig times as well as improved fill factors. Improved material retention boosts productivity while decreasing fuel consumption.

Cutting-edge electro-hydraulic ensures that it is easy to operate the front end loader as well as the auxiliary tools. Equipped with a C11 ACERT engine, the 966H delivers a powerful performance. The trustworthy and dynamic performance of the Cat 966H Loader makes this machine a wise investment.

966h front end loader from cat

Image Source: CAT South Africa Website.

The high quality of Cat components contribute to the durability of every Cat front end loader. These heavy duty components decrease downtime and reduce operating expenses. Monitoring programs play a vital role in keeping equipment in peak operating conditioning and minimising downtime. Programmes such as Product Link and Vision Link make it easy to monitor your Cat machine. Cat dealer support offers excellent sales and after sales services.

Z-Bar linkage provides better pile penetration, increased breakout forces and accelerated dig times. The outcome is increased tire life as well as a more economical fuel efficiency. The Z-bar linkage contributes to making this Cat wheel loader a sustainable addition to your business.

ACERT technology further enhances the performance and reliability of this engine while decreasing emissions. Electronic fuel injection is another factor in the high performance of this Cat front end loader. The axles are built to cope with challenging applications.

front end loader for sale

Image Source: CAT South Africa Website.

The exceptional Cat power shift transmission boasts innovative shift logic. The result of shift logic is improved efficiency and comfort as well as decreased operating costs. The Cat 966H Loader offers better acceleration, ramp speed and comfort.

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Cat 966L Loader

Cat 966 Loader uses tried and tested technology to offer you superior productivity. Not only is the Cat 966L loader efficient, it offers a reliable performance too. An economic fuel consumption and long service life are other reasons to find this front end loader for sale. Equipped with a C9.3 ACERT engine the Cat 966 is a powerful front end loader that you can trust. The countershaft power shift transmission and tough axles are designed to cope with challenging conditions. The innovative hydraulic hose routing decreases wear.

The Cat 966L Loader boasts smooth shifts which offer better operator comfort. Faster acceleration as well as fast grade speeds help to improve productivity. It is also designed to offer improved digging efficiency.

The Performance Series Buckets create better material retention. Improved fuel efficiency helps to decrease operating costs. The ergonomical design and intuitive controls support the operator. Operator productivity is also enhanced by good ride quality and decreased cab vibrations. Safety is an important element of the Cat 966L Loader’s design.

Large mirrors as well as a rear vision camera offer superior visibility. Strong grab bars offer safe access to the platforms. When you are selecting a Cat front end loader for sale, serviceability is an important consideration.

966l cat front end loader

Image Source: CAT South Africa Website.

The Cat 966 loader has a one-piece tilting hood with doors which offer convenient access for servicing. Convenient ground level fuel points decrease downtime. Another highlight of the Cat front end loader is its connect technology. VisionLink provides wireless access to useful data. Cat Payload technology makes it simple to assess machine productivity.

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The Cat 966 Loader – 966H vs 966L

For a comparison of the CAT 966H loader and the Cat 966L loader, take a look at the following table.

Cat 966H LoaderCat 966L Loader
Net Power – ISO 9249 (kW)194207
Engine ModelC11 ACERTC9.3 ACERT
Displacement (L)11.19.3
Net Power (kW @ rpm)194.0 @ 1800 (ISO 9249/SAEJ1349)207.0 @ 1700 (ISO 9249)
Peak Net Torque (Nm @ rpm)1299.0 @ rpm (ISO 14396)1507.0 @ 1000

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