Meet the powerful, efficient Caterpillar 323D L Series Hydraulic Excavator

Economical, powerful, and efficient, the 323D L Series excavator delivers an excellent performance. Its cutting-edge monitor, as well as its easy access maintenance points, add to its appeal. As has come to be expected of Caterpillar, these machines are reliable and when the going gets tough, you can trust this hydraulic excavator to get the job done. You can find excavators for sale on Truck & Trailer.

CAT 323D L Series Hydaulic Excavator For Sale | Truck & Trailer

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The 323D L Series has an operating weight of 22 000kg to 23 200kg. Its outstanding fuel economy reduces its running costs while its hydraulic system has been upgraded to increase its overall performance. These machines are compatible with an extensive range of tools that extends their capabilities. The front-linkage options make the machine adjustable so that it can be used for a range of applications. Another advantage of this hydraulic excavator is that it features a heavy-duty structure that forms the basis of its robust design. The operator’s station offers a comfortable work environment, which is conducive to productivity. It’s spacious and quiet, which enables the operator to concentrate on the task at hand. Air conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature. The innovative technology includes a monitor.

Economic performance

The 323D L excavator boasts a C7.1 ACERT engine that delivers 110 kW of power. This Caterpillar engine is powerful, durable and efficient. Its robust fuel filtration enables it to handle cheaper fuel and with two power modes to choose from, it’s possible to extend the fuel efficiency of this machine even further. The Eco-mode contributes to the economic fuel consumption of this model. Rpm is automatically decreased by the engine speed control feature, which decreased fuel consumption even further without compromising performance. The speed of the cooling fan is variable, which reduces the amount of power that is required. Another advantage of finding these excavators for sale is that their hydraulic system has been updated. These upgrades have resulted in a significant increase in pump efficiency.

CAT 323D L Series Hydaulic Excavator For Sale In SA | Truck & Trailer

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Robust design

The 323D L excavator is built from a robust mainframe with track frames and front linkage. With three different types of booms to choose from, this excavator can be adjusted according to different applications. Standard reach is suitable for regular tasks while heavy-duty reach is ideal for more challenging situations. For the toughest jobs, the mass excavation boom is required and the optional quick couplers take the versatility of this machine up a notch. It’s compatible with a variety of buckets as well as tools. Hammers and grapplers are just some of the useful tools that are available. Sheers and crushers can also be used with these machines.


The 323D L Series is equipped with a CAT C7.1 ACERT engine that delivers 110 kW of power and has an operating weight of 23 200kg. The main relief pressure for this model is 35 MPa and it has a maximum hydraulic flow of 2 x 214 l/min. The digging depth of this model is 6 720mm and it has a maximum horizontal reach of 9 860mm. Its bucket capacity range starts at 0.46m³ and extends to 1.76m³. It has a drawbar pull of 205 kN and a maximum travel speed of 5.6kph.

CAT 323D L Series Hydaulic Excavator | Truck & Trailer South Africa

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Caterpillar has constructed this excavator so that it’s easy to service. The excavator is built so the majority of the service points can be reached from the ground. Parts that need to be serviced regularly, such as the pumps and fuel filters, are easy to access. Likewise, the radiator and oil cooler are convenient to reach. Servicing these excavators is made easier because the reserve tank, as well as the drain valve, are linked to the radiator.

Now that you are more familiar with the 323D L Series, you can find excavators for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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