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Are you looking for Foton trucks? The Foton Aumark range includes medium duty trucks which are designed to meet the needs of your operations. These vehicles are suitable for applications in the city or over longer distances. The trucks in this range are equipped with innovative technology as well as a stylish and comfortable interior. If you want to discover outstanding transportation solutions, find trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer.

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BJ 1051 Foton Trucks

The BJ 1051 features a Cummins 2.8 ISF engine which boasts a high output as well as outstanding economy. Advantages of finding this Foton truck for sale are its trustworthy performance and its awesome features. The ISF is a new addition to the Cummins range of reliable engines. Their reduced noise and emissions set these engines apart from the crowd, their economic fuel consumption helps to reduce running costs, and their durability decreases downtime. Their lightweight design combined with an elevated torque and power output make them ideal for weight-sensitive applications. The advanced thermal engineering enables this Foton Aumark model to operate at higher temperatures without the additional expense of a cooling package.

The forward control tilt cab can accommodate the driver as well as two passengers. Air-conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature despite the weather conditions. With cruise control, the driver can enjoy added comfort and convenience on longer trips. These Foton trucks are equipped with power steering which makes manoeuvring in an urban environment easier and safer. Other highlights of these trucks are their air assisted brakes, air assisted clutch and engine exhaust brakes. These trucks have a GVM of 6 920kg and a maximum power output of 105 kW at 2600 rpm.

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Image source: Foton South Africa website

Foton Aumark BJ 1051L

The BJ 1051L boasts innovative features that put it ahead of its competition. These capable trucks are equipped with a Cummins 3.8 ISF engine that delivers a high power output. Not only is this truck built to get the job done without any hassles, it also provides you with industry-leading economy. Key features of these medium duty trucks include a forward control tilt cab, air assisted brakes and an engine exhaust brake. The comfortable and stylish cab can accommodate three people. Cruise control and power steering are convenience features of this model while the air-conditioning contributes to the high levels of comfort that it offers. These trucks have a GVM of 6 920kg and a maximum power of 115 kW at 2600 rpm.

BJ 1089 Medium Duty Trucks

The BJ 1098 variation in the Foton Aumark range is a 4×2 freight carrier with a chassis cab. At the core of its design is its Lovol Phaser135Ti engine. The trustworthy performance of these engines adds to their appeal. The Lovol engine features British Perkins technology. These engines have a reinforced structure which contributes to the durability of their design. The elevated power and torque put it ahead of the competition. Another noteworthy aspect of this engine is the design of the cooling system which is equipped with a gear-driven pump. Its design enhances the efficiency of these trucks. The forward control tilt cab offers room for three people and it features power steering. Other reasons to find these trucks for sale include their engine exhaust brake and air assisted clutch. These trucks have a GVM of 9 620kg and a maximum power of 101 kW at 2600 rpm.

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Image source: Foton South Africa website

BJ 1049 Foton Truck for Sale

The BJ 1049 variations are medium duty trucks equipped with a Lovel Turbo Phaser110Ti 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. These engines won’t let you down when the going gets tough. The Lovol engine uses British Perkins technology to offer you a performance that is sure to exceed your expectations. Its reinforced structure enhances its robust design. Also worth a mention is its impressive power output and cutting-edge cooling system. Other reasons to find a BJ 1049 Foton truck for sale are their forward control tilt cab, engine exhaust brake and power steering. These trucks have a GVM of 5 900kg and a maximum power of 81 kW at 2600 rpm.

Now that you know more about the advantages of adding these vehicles to your fleet, you can find trucks for sale online. Foton trucks boost productivity with their cost-effective and powerful performance.

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