Everything you need to know about choosing the right plough for your farm

Ploughs play a vital role in the agricultural industry. These tools are used for the cultivation of the soil before seeds are planted. Ploughing functions to loosen and turn soil, which ultimately results in an increased crop yield, and this piece of farm equipment is typically pulled by a tractor. Read our blog post to discover more about the benefits of owning a plough.

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What is a plough?

A plough is used to turn the top layer of soil, which increases the density of nutrients in the soil’s surface. Another function of ploughing is to remove and bury weeds so that they decompose. Not only does this prevent weeds from taking nutrients away from the crops, it also adds nutrients to the soil. A plough is pulled by a tractor to form furrows of fertile soil. Typically, the field will be left to stand and then harrowed before seeds are distributed. Ploughing generally affects the soil 12 to 25cm beneath the ground’s surface, which is where most of the crop’s feeder roots are.

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Types of ploughs

Ridge ploughs are well-suited to preparing soil for potatoes. This double-winged equipment creates raised ridges of soil. Mouldboard ploughs feature a distinctive wing shape and they’re used to turn the soil efficiently and easily. The advantage of using a disc plough is that it offers reduced friction. While disc ploughs are better suited to preparing stick or rock soil than mouldboard ploughs, they’re not as adept at covering weeds. Disc ploughs are heavier than mouldboard variations. The majority of modern farmers choose to use rotary ploughs as these variations are well-suited to the preparation of seed beds. In this instance, steel tines or blades are used to penetrate the surface of the soil. This type of plough comes with the option of three variations, including pull-type and tractor-mounted variations. Self-propelled rotary ploughs have their own motor and they’re suitable for small farms. The type of farm equipment that you choose to invest in depends on your budget, the kind of soil that you’re working with, as well as the crops that you plan to plant.

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Advantages of ploughing

There are numerous advantages to owning a plough. Ploughs are an excellent option if you’re working with poorly drained fields. This piece of farm equipment offers outstanding soil incorporation, which results in a well-tilled bed for seed distribution. Another benefit of using these implements is that they make it easy to achieve a deeper seed level. Ploughs also add nutrients to the soil from covering vegetation while breaking down unwanted weeds. The soil is aerated during ploughing which facilitates crop growth. The preparation of beds using these implements results in improved contact between the soil and the seeds. Ploughing eliminates insects and their eggs as well as reduces the risk of soil erosion.

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Now that you know more about ploughs, you can improve the productivity of your farm by investing in this equipment. Ploughs are a must-have piece of farm equipment that plays a vital role in the agricultural industry.

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