Crane maintenance plan: How to conduct a daily crane inspection and maintenance

Implementing a crane maintenance plan saves you time and money on repair costs. Not only does proper maintenance prevent costly breakdowns, but it also ensures that your machines perform with maximum efficiency. A daily crane inspection plan contributes to the safety of both your staff and your machinery. Looking for new equipment? Find cranes for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

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Understand the importance of a daily crane inspection plan

The operator should conduct an inspection of the crane before starting work and at the end of each day. Carrying out regular crane inspections is a vital part of upholding high levels of safety within your business. Create a checklist the operator can use and sign to ensure that each inspection is carried out thoroughly. Don’t forget to include any hoists that are being used in the daily checklist.

Carry out an area inspection

Before a crane inspection is carried out, the operator needs to check the area for potential hazards. They should also make sure that all the necessary safety equipment is used. It’s important that the operator understands where the disconnect switch is situated. They should also ensure that there are no unnecessary workers in the surrounding area. The fewer people there are around the crane when it’s operating, the lower the risk of injury. Next, check the area for any obstacles that can prevent the load from moving freely. The operator needs to compare the load to the rated capacity of the crane before getting started. The below-the-hook devices should also be inspected.

Preliminary equipment inspection

After the area inspection, the operator can focus on the crane. Before touching the controls, the operator should take the following steps:

  • Check the hoist, trolley, and bridge for damage
  • Inspect the runway, electric systems, and push button pendant controls for damage
  • Check the wire rope’s reeving and make sure that the wires aren’t twisted
  • Verify that there are no sections of the wire rope that have been worn down or stretched
  • Make sure that there isn’t anything positioned close to open power sources.

Daily equipment inspection

With the preliminary inspection complete, the operator can move on to the rest of the daily inspections. During the crane inspection, the following steps should be taken.

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  • Keep the push button turned off and make sure the button is not sticking
  • Turn the push button on and check the crane warning device
  • Verify that the hoist hooks are working properly
  • Check the performance of the upper limit switch and the push button controls
  • Inspect the hooks for damage, bending or twisting
  • Review the safety latches
  • Make sure that the hook moves without any impediments
  • Ensure that the hook nut is properly secured
  • Inspect the bottom block assembly for damage and cracks
  • Ensure that the sheaves are in good condition and that they move freely
  • Check that there is no damage to the wire rope and load chain

Safety inspection

One of the main aims of a crane inspection is to ensure that high levels of safety are achieved. The operator should ensure that they have easy access to a fire extinguisher before starting the job. The operator should take the following steps on a daily basis:

  • Check the bridge and trolley motor brakes
  • Ensure that there is no hook drift
  • Verify that the trolley and bridge are working properly
  • Make sure that the crane is free from loose items
  • Look for oil leaks
  • Inspect the air or hydraulic lines

Crane maintenance plan

A maintenance plan helps to keep your machinery in good working order. Fixing small problems as they arise will save you money on expensive repairs in the long run. If the operator notices any worn components or safety hazards in the daily inspections, they should be attended to before the crane is used. The crane maintenance plan you set up should be guided by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use qualified professionals to complete maintenance and repair work on your machinery.

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Now that you know how to carry out a crane inspection, you can keep your machines in good working order. Implementing a crane maintenance plan is also vital to the success of your business. Need to upgrade your cranes? Find machinery for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

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Crane maintenance plan: Daily crane inspection and maintenance
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Crane maintenance plan: Daily crane inspection and maintenance
Implementing a daily inspection and crane maintenance plan prevents costly breakdowns and ensures that your machines perform with maximum efficiency.
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