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A crane truck for sale is one of the most useful pieces of construction machinery that you will ever buy. The crane truck gives you all of the benefits of a mobile machine with the lifting strength of a stationary crane. If you want to know more about the mechanical wonders of a truck mounted crane then keep on reading.


The history of the mobile crane

Mobile cranes were first used in World War I to move the heavy machinery that was used to dig trenches and bunkers. There were a large amount of different designs like rubberized tracks, lightweight steel and rubber hybrid designs. These all were a big issue when it came to driving these vehicles on tarred roads. A very simple but effective design came when someone decided to mount a crane on a car chassis and the truck mounted crane was born. Once this design was seen to work, almost every country had their own variation of the mobile crane. Today we have many variations of this machine.


How does a mobile crane work?

Crane trucks for sale work much like a tractor but instead of having tracks and a digger arms, these are replaced by tires and a crane arm. The tires allow the truck mounted crane to operate on both the construction site and public areas like streets or built-up areas. Another benefit of the tires is the ability to move the truck from site to site along public roads without the need for a trailer.

Mobile Cranes also make use of outriggers that are part of the machine and can be deployed once the crane is in a stationary position. These outriggers allow the crane truck to remain stable and level. If these outriggers were not here, all of the load pressure would be placed on the tires and the truck would only be able to support what the tires can before they burst from the pressure.


Few machines can replace the function of a good quality crane for sale. These machines can lift very heavy objects into the air and position them in a different area with little effort. Then you can easily pull the outriggers back in and move the truck to a different location.

The only issues with this kind of crane truck for sale is the lifting capacity. Due to the fact that rubber tires are used, the chassis can only support what the tires can. This is circumvented by the outriggers that actually lift the crane truck into the air and allow for the lifting or objects that the outriggers can support, which is a substantial amount more than what the tires themselves can support. So the problem is that the truck must wait for the outriggers to be deployed which can hinder building times and slow down production.


Now that you know all about what a mobile crane can do, let’s take a look at an industry leader…the Medium duty Fassi made truck mounted crane.

Fassi make some of the most durable mobile cranes on the planet. All of their products go through rigorous testing before they are released to their worldwide dealer network. A testament of this is that seventy percent of their cranes are still in full operation and still highly valued on the open market. This means that Fassi cranes are a marvelous investment for any company.

Let’s take a closer look at their F160ASXP model…

F160ASXP Fassi crane

The medium capacity knuckle boom cranes that Fassi sells are incredibly dynamic and at the same time very powerful. This crane can easily be fitted onto two and three axle trucks and there are many different configurations and setups available too. This crane arm is fitted with the most advanced hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components.


image credit: Fassi

There are also state-of-the-art devices that help the crane arm with performance and safety which we will discuss a bit later.


The XP systems or Extra Power System allows the boom crane arm to be operated with the utmost power and precision. This is because of the special Fassi Extra Power system that makes use of an energy reserve that you can use on-demand. The system stores any surplus from the engine. When you activate the reserve, the movements and crane speed slow down but the lifting capacity is increased at the same time. There is a switch on the main control lever that the operator can use to activate the extra power reserve with. This means extra power can be used safely to circumvent any difficult situations.

Fassi SmartApp

All of the latest Fassi cranes have the first smartphone integration to ever be used by a company in the hoisting sector. This system combines the intelligent use of boom cranes and smartphone technology. This system allows the user to collect real-time information and diagnose the crane remotely.

Using the Fassi SmartApp, the operator can remotely control their mobile crane via their smartphone and call the Fassi service network. There is even a Geo location function within the App to locate the nearest Fassi Service center that may be near you. Any error logs are stored in a Black Box system that can be later retrieved by the maintenance crew to more easily diagnose the problem at hand.

Fassi Stability Control (FSC)

The FSC system is essentially a safety function that limits and stabilizes the movements of the crane arm to meet safety standards. The system is available in different execution variants that are specifically designed for each variation and type of cranes for sale. The Fassi Stability Control system lifting moment limiting device allows for vehicle stability when the crane is in use.

The display unit inside the cab is designed for easy reading from any angle. Large display units are shown on two lateral areas of the vehicle. Side detection is shown on the display units and also next to the control pushbutton panel and adjacent to the outriggers distributor.

The versatility of a Fassi Crane Truck for sale

Fassi mobile cranes stabilize themselves according to the work positions of the outrigger’s lateral extension support and the angle that the base of the crane is sitting. The crane will automatically derate itself as the operator increases power and uses the crane.

Improved efficiency in a Fassi truck mounted crane

The systems used in these crane trucks for sale have more intelligent safety functionality than other crane arm attachments. A Fassi crane uses a double stabilization check where it compares the base of the crane with the lateral extension supports on the outriggers. Sensors on the double XY axis tell the electronics in the unit exactly where all of the components are. All of this takes place under strict control and precision.


Finding the right attachment or a complete crane truck for sale can be a burden. If you want to find a wide range of quality cranes for sale and are in the market for a crane, Truck and Trailer is easily South Africa’s best place to find and compare all industrial machinery prices. Don’t forget to download our FREE Truck and Trailer Android App today!

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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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