Dongfeng Warrior trucks fit for the task

What makes Dongfeng Warrior trucks stand out? Their innovative design and trustworthy performance set these trucks apart from the crowd. When ordinary is just not good enough, take your business to the next level by finding trucks for sale that won’t disappoint.

When the going gets tough your Dongfeng won’t let you down. Not only do these trucks deliver a reliable performance, they also offer excellent driving dynamics. Their comfortable cab creates a productive work environment.

truck from the dongfeng warrior range

Image Source: ALX Commercials Website.

The Warrior series offers a wide range of high performance trucks. The variety of trucks on offer in this range makes it easy to find a truck which meets your unique requirements. No matter what the job is, there is a Dongfeng truck designed to get it done. The outstanding flexibility of these models adds to their appeal.

Dongfeng DFL 140

The Dongfeng Warrior DFL 140 Kingrun has a bold stance on the road. Its durable design ensures that it tackles tasks effortlessly. This truck has a load capacity of 5200 kgs and tare of 3940t which are both body dependent.

The wheelbase of this model is 4550mm. Its hardy exterior frame is 7840 mm long. It has a ground clearance of 150 mm. The comfortable cabin is designed to boost driver efficiency. The air conditioner maintains a pleasant temperature inside the cabin despite outside weather conditions. A convenient feature of the Dongfeng DFL 140 is its electric windows.

Central locking helps to protect the vehicle from theft. This truck has forward tilt cab control. The cabin is 1550 mm long, 2260 mm wide and 2430 mm high which provides plenty of room in the interior for the driver to work in comfort.

dongfeng dfl 140 warrior

Image Source: ALX Commercials Website.

Dongfeng Warrior DFL 180

The Dongfeng DFL has a powerful presence. Its durability and innovative design decrease maintenance and running costs. These Dongfeng trucks for sale have a body dependent load capacity of 8900 kgs and a tare of 4660/4760. It has a 4800/5600 mm wheel base and an overall length of 8300/9100 mm.

The ground clearance of this model is 270 mm. The cabin provides a comfortable working environment for the driver. Highlights of these trucks include air conditioning, electric windows, central locking and forward tilt cab control. The spacious cab is 1880 mm long, 2160 mm wide and 2840 mm high.

dfl 180 dongfeng warrior

Image Source: ALX Commercials Website.

Dongfeng DFL 420

The Dongfeng DFL 420 is renowned for its excellent fuel efficiency. In recognition of its economic fuel consumption it received 8 awards at the International Truck fuel-saving competition in China. Not only does its state-of-the-art engine reduce fuel consumption, its aerodynamic cab design also contributes to the efficiency of this model.

Constructed from manganese steel, this Dongfeng truck is a force to be reckoned with. Sections of the truck are strengthened with 3-layer enhancements. It has a 3400 mm plus 1350 mm wheelbase. The tare weight for this model is 9450 kgs. While the interior of the cabin is durable, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. When you step into the cabin its stylish design is immediately apparent.

dongfeng dfl 420

Image Source: ALX Commercials Website.

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Specifications of the Dongfeng Warrior Trucks

The Kingrun DFL 140 and 180 deliver a powerful performance. Its air assisted clutch and full air brakes contribute to its capabilities. ABS helps to keep the driver and truck safe. Power steering increases the manoeuvrability of these Dongfeng Warrior trucks.

The Dongfeng DFL 420 is equipped with a cutting-edge ZF Ecosplit 16S-221 gearbox. As the leading European gearbox, it functions to improve driving dynamics and decrease fuel consumption. The 7.6T front axle and 13T back axle contribute to the superior performance of the DFL 420. To compare the specification of these three Warrior models, take a look at the table below.

DFL 140DFL 180DFL 420
Engine TypeCummins 4 BTACummins 6BT 5.9dCi 420-30
Rated Power (kW @ rpm)103 @ 2800132 @ 2500303 @1200
Rated Torque (Nm @ rpm)430 @ 1700640 @ 1400870 @1200
Emission standardsEuro 2Euro 2Euro 2

Innovation, efficiency and reliability are defining characteristics of the Dongfeng Warrior series. If you are looking for tough and reliable trucks for sale, browse through the deals listed on Truck & Trailer today!

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