Egg incubators help make poultry farming easier

An egg incubator is used in poultry farming to increase the efficiency of hatching eggs. Read our informative blog to discover everything you need to know about incubators. You can find an egg incubator for sale on AgriMag.

How to select an egg incubator

The egg incubator you chose will depend on the unique requirements of your farm, and you’ll need to consider the availability of eggs before you decide what size incubator to buy. To start off with, it’s advisable to get a small incubator. Smaller equipment is more affordable and it’s also easier to organise back-up power for it. It also reduces the risk of the spread of diseases.

egg incubator to buy chickens for sale

A vital consideration is the precision of the incubator. It should have a precise and consistent temperature with the appropriate humidity. Another consideration is the model of incubator. It’s important to compare the different models before you make a purchasing decision. You’ll also need to prepare an area to set up the incubator. This equipment needs to be kept in a temperature controlled room that maintains a consistent temperature.

Types of egg incubators for sale

There are different types of egg incubators to choose from. One option is a forced air incubator, which reduces the chances of overheating and suffocation of the baby chicks by circulating air in the interior of the incubator. A still-air incubator offers no ventilation, which means that you need to pay increased attention to hatching eggs. An egg turning system is useful in poultry farming because it turns the eggs at regular intervals. It’s advisable to purchase a system that has an incubator as well as a hatchery. The eggs are moved to the hatchery at day 18.

egg incubator for sale

How to use an egg incubator

Before you find an egg incubator for sale, you need to make sure that you have the right skills to use it. Follow the instructions precisely and test the incubator before you put eggs in it. When you test the incubator, you can get a better idea of the interior temperature as well as the interior humidity levels. Make sure that you operate the incubator for one week without eggs to ensure that you have mastered how to use it. The water basin needs to be refilled regularly. It is also important to turn the eggs if the incubator is not equipped with an automatic turning system. After an egg is laid, it should be placed in an incubator within seven to ten days. Keeping proper records is important and the age of each egg, the date it was placed in the incubator, and when it’s turned should all be documented. This is particularly important if there are numerous people operating the incubator.

egg incubator for sale chickens

Now that you know more about the benefits of owning this equipment, you can find an egg incubator for sale online. With a range of variations to choose from, you are sure to find one that matches your requirements as well as your budget.

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