Enjoy options with the MF 500 Massey Ferguson Planter

With so many benefits to owning a planter, it is easy to see why businesses in the agricultural sector are adding this equipment to their operations. Massey Ferguson planters for sale are internationally renowned for quality design and outstanding performance. The MF 500 series Massey Ferguson Planter offers a selection of models to choose from.


Benefits of Planters in Agriculture

There are numerous benefits to investing in a planter as these agricultural machines save time and produce evenly spaced rows. Planters help to maximise on the space available by dispersing seeds evenly and this contributes to higher crop yields which in turn translates into increased profits.

While these pieces of farming equipment incur an initial outlay of capital, this machinery can save you money and boost profits. Finding used planters for sale can offer you great value-for-money, but make sure that you buy from a reputable brand such as Massey Ferguson to ensure that you get a planter that you can rely on.

Massey Ferguson Planters

Massey Ferguson is renowned for manufacturing durable planters which have played a vital role in the global production of food. As a component of the international AGCO Corporation, Massey Ferguson has continued their legacy of manufacturing high quality machinery to meet the needs of the global agricultural industry.

Not only do they offer high performance equipment, their diverse range of row crop planters offer the agriculture sector models to suit a variety of applications.

The advantage of buying a Massey Ferguson planter is their versatility as well as their efficiency when planting. The excellent performance as well as efficient planting minimises costs and boosts productivity.

The ease of operation of these machines adds to their appeal and the cutting-edge design of Massey Ferguson planters will take your farming to the next level.

Massey Ferguson MF 500 Planters

Massey Ferguson planters are well-suited to precision planting. Auto-reset openers enhance the efficiency of these models. The FertiSystem offers precision and accuracy and this state-of-the-art system also functions to reduce costs.

When you are finding a planter for sale in this range, you can choose a Trailed Mechanical model. Another option is the Vacuum Meter Planter.

An advantage to buying Massey Ferguson planters for sale from this series is that they are equipped with Fertisystem fertiliser metering. Fertiliser openers include tine and double-disc as well as auto-reset tine for added convenience. The hydraulic marker is another useful feature of this series.

MF 500 Model Planters from Massey Ferguson

The MF Series is comprised of a wide range of capable mechanical planters designed for row crop applications. These models also come with the option of vacuum seed metering. With so many variations in the series it is easy to find a planter which best meets your requirements. The MF 500 range is also suitable for applications as conventional planters.

The MF 500 series suits both moderate and large operations. With a range of 4 – 15 row planters, you can find one which is scaled to suit your business.

mf 500 series massey ferguson planter

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website.

The MF 506 and MF 508 Massey Ferguson Planter offers 4 rows while the MF 509 has 6 rows. At the top of the range is the MF 515 which has 15 rows. The row spaces range from 45 cm to 90 cm depending on the model that you choose. The working width starts at 1.95 – 2.40 m with the MF 506 and reaches 5.94 – 6.30 with the MF 515.

Similarly you can choose a model which has a seed and fertiliser capacity that matches your application. The seed and fertiliser capacity for the MF series starts at 150-300/710 kgs with the MF 506 and reaches 400-750/2145 kgs with the MF 515.

To compare the MF 500 series models at a glance, take a look at the following table.

Specifications of the Massey Ferguson MF 500 Series

MF 506MF 508MF 509MF 515
Row Spacing (cm)75907045
Working Width (m)1.95-2.402.40 – 2.703.25 – 3.505.94 – 6.30
Capacity (Kg) Seed/Fertiliser150-300/710200 – 400/1070250-500/1350400-750/2145

Other models also available includes the MF 510 with 6 rows, MF 511 with 11 rows, MF 512 with 12 rows and the MF 513 with 8 rows.

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