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In the market for an Iveco for sale? Today the Truck & Trailer team takes on the Iveco Eurocargo, giving you more information on everything from its cab to its performance. Iveco trucks have, throughout the years, managed to release very well built truck models that over perform and are relatively well priced.

The Eurocargo has been engineered with amazing precision designed in a manner that will certainly delight even the most hard to impress truckers. The Iveco also comes with the ability to perform at a high enough level to make this vehicle a benchmark in the trucking industry. One of the first things you will notice about the Eurocargo is its versatility.

close-up of the iveco eurocargo truck

Image Source: Iveco South Africa Website.

This truck has been designed to handle your different business needs. The truck has a high enough load capacity to make it an excellent transportation vehicle if you are looking to transport large materials. What is quite astonishing is that the Eurocargo manages to do this while maintaining low emissions and a high level of agility making this an eco- friendly truck.

This may sound oxymoronic but the Eurocargo truly manages to blend performance power and low carbon emission while maintaining a very masculine and intimidating exterior.

As a result of the Eurocargo Iveco’s ability you will not have much difficulty driving this vehicle in city centers and on demanding surfaces. Wherever you drive it you are guaranteed that the vehicle will perform at the highest possible standard.

Design of the Eurocargo Iveco Trucks

When it comes to design the Iveco Eurocargo range has a very solid dynamic design that you cannot ignore. The vehicle comes built with a distinctive grille and a bumper both of which act as buffers preventing the vehicle from taking too much damage on impact. You get a chance to choose the colours of the bumpers. However if you are more on the conservative side you have the option of keeping the bumper the same colour as your vehicle.

iveco eurocargo

Image Source: Iveco South Africa Website.

Everyone who has owned a truck understands that one of the biggest design problems a lot of trucks have is that entering and exiting the truck is often a difficult process. However, with the Eurocargo this is not an issue. Iveco decided to install large handles and illuminated non slide steps to help making getting into and out of the cab an easy and fairly safe process.

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The Interior and the Cab’s layout

When it comes to the Iveco’s interior, this vehicle has been built to be comfortable. All passengers will appreciate the practical design and the use of soft materials in the cab’s interior. Simplicity has been prioritized as everything in the cab has been placed in convenient easy-to-reach areas.

You will without a doubt, not have too much difficulty locating controls and buttons in the cab’s interior. You will notice for example that the buttons to control the windows and mirrors are conveniently located on the arm-rest a place where your arms are most likely to go when trying to open the window.

eurocargo iveco can interior

Image Source: Iveco South Africa Website.

The steering wheel is very intuitive. For all those wishing to drive the vehicle you will not have too much difficulty operating the easy to handle steering wheel. The Eurocargo Iveco trucks also goes a long way to ensure that there is enough sitting and storage space for all passengers. The vehicle comes built with large storage pockets capable of handling large storage items passengers may have.

In terms of the cab’s actual layout with the Eurocargo you will not need to take your hands off the steering wheel at any point. This is because the Iveco managed to design the driver’s area in such a manner that the driver will always be seated at an ideal driving position as he or she drives the vehicle.

Even more importantly the seats are very easy to adjust so if you do not feel comfortable with the vehicle’s sitting position all you need to do is adjust the seats to suit your specific seating needs.

With this Iveco for sale you also have an option of including a sat – nav system which, if you choose to have it included, will be housed in the middle of your vehicle’s dashboard. This sat – nav is especially useful if you use the vehicle to travel long distances and to areas that you are not too familiar with. This will also come in handy if you want to keep track of your Eurocargo’s location. Needless to say this additional feature will come with an extra price tag.

iveco eurocargo interior

Image Source: Iveco South Africa Website.

The Iveco Eurocargo range manages to throw in seats that are upholstered to ensure that you remain very comfortable even during a long drive. If you prefer taking naps in your cab the front seats are foldable and can be re- adjustable to convert to a bed.

The cab comes fitted with programmable air conditioning and a heater that allows you to control the temperature in your cab to whatever you feel comfortable with.

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Safety features and Performance

When it comes to safety the cab comes built with a lot of preventative safety features to keep you safe. The cab comes fitted with the latest generation electronic systems such as ABS and other electronic safety options that you will certainly find useful.

From a performance perspective the Eurocargo Iveco trucks comes with turbo charged engines capable of delivering between 180 HP to 280 HP and maximum torque of between 570 Nm to 930 Nm. If you would like to get a detailed breakdown of the Eurocargo’s specifications here is a table breaking down the cab’s performance abilities:

Tector 6 - E18Tector 6 - E22Tector 6 - E24Tector 6 - E28
Max Power134 kW160 kW176 kW202 kW
Max Power Engine Speed2700 rpm2700 rpm2700 rpm2500 rpm
Max Torque570 Nm680 Nm810 Nm930 Nm
Max Torque Range1 300 - 2 100 rpm1 200 - 2 100 rpm1 250 - 2 100 rpm1 250 - 2 100 rpm

When it comes to the transmission you have an option between Allison automatic transmission and ZF manual transmission with a 6 speed and 9 speed option. The most feasible option for you would obviously depend on your requirements and what you prefer to prioritize.

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