FAW has been revealed as the most improved commercial vehicle brand

FAW was identified as the most improved commercial vehicle brand in research recently conducted by market research company Lightstone. These results were the outcome of the National Automobile Dealer Satisfaction Index survey (NADA DSI), which is carried out on a yearly basis. Read our blog post to discover what the NADA DSI results revealed about FAW.

NADA Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey

The outcomes of the survey are split into different categories, which include Overall Dealer Satisfaction and Communication and Relationships. The results also cover Customer Focus as well as CSI Programmes. Labour Rates, Goodwill, and Vehicle Range are other aspects of the brands that are considered. The categories of Training and Parts are included in the market firm’s assessments. Thirty-three brands were included in the 2018 research and there were 1 005 completed surveys that formed part of the final results.

FAW, Commercial vehicles

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FAW Results

The outcomes of the NADA DSI revealed that FAW has a better performance in the Communication and Relationship category. This outcome indicates that the level of communication has been improved between the dealer and the brand. Another category where FAW experienced improvement since last year was Customer Focus. This result indicates that FAW has improved their levels of customer satisfaction as well as their ability to build good relationships with their staff and suppliers. Their improved results in this aspect of the survey acknowledge their contribution to promoting high standards of excellence in their industry. The inclusion of a CSI program category in the survey results is an indication of the importance that NADA places on these programs to link customer satisfaction with the company.

The survey reviews the effectiveness of these programs and how they impact truck supply and quality issues. FAW made the most progress in this area since 2017 and also showed the most significant progression in the vehicle range that they offer. This category assesses whether the range of vehicles that FAW offers is sufficient for dealers to stand a chance against their competitors. Another significant achievement for FAW was the advancement they made in the training programs that are provided to their dealers. This includes developing technical and non-technical skills. It also includes the development of sales capabilities.

Commercial vehicles, FAW

Image Source – www.faw.co.za

The Parts section of the survey is vital according to NADA as it has an impact on the dealer’s profits. This section assesses the availability of parts by looking at how long it takes for parts to be delivered as well as the company’s delivery and ordering system. Another area that is assessed is the company’s return policy. The Goodwill section assesses how the company handles claims and warranty audits. The amount of time that it takes for reimbursements to be made also impacts the results of this section of the survey. FAW showed an improvement in the Goodwill category. While there was an overall increase in the performance of companies in the Labour Rates category, there is room for improvement in this aspect of the industry.

Overall, the NADA DSI revealed that FAW is the most improved commercial vehicle brand in 2018. You can find FAW products for sale on Truck & Trailer. With a range of products to choose from, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

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