Ford Tractors: Affordable tractors for small farms

Are you looking for tractors for sale? Why not consider buying a Ford 7600? With Ford’s reputation for manufacturing reliable tractors, buying a used model is a viable option. If you want to learn more about Ford tractors for sale, keep reading.


A Short History of Ford Tractors

Henry Ford was committed to manufacturing tractors that offered value-for-money to small scale farmers. The first Ford tractors were produced in 1917. Later on Ford manufactured tractors that used the Ferguson systems which was a note-worth collaboration between the two companies. In 1985 Ford bought New Holland, however the company was sold to FIAT during 1991.

Choosing the best Tractors for sale

Tractors are designed to complete tasks which increase the productivity and efficiency of farms. The type of work that a tractor is suited to depends on its design and the kinds of attachments that it can accommodate.

The more attachments that can be used with the tractor, the more the tractor will cost. Attachments may include loaders, backhoes and mowers. The power of the engine will also be a deciding factor as it influences what tasks the tractor is capable of.


When you are choosing a tractor you should factor in the size of your property. Safety and fuel consumption are other deciding factors. These are all the categories that you should keep in mind when you are deciding whether the Ford 7600 is suitable for your farm.

Looking at the Ford 7600

The 7600 models from Ford Tractors were in production from 1975 until 1981. These utility tractors followed the Ford 7000 models. The frame of the Ford 7600 tractors for sale has a robust design. The muscular frame enhances the tractor’s powerful performance.

It has a wheelbase of 223 cm with a 7.50-18 front tire and a 16.9-30 back tire. With a width measuring in at 185 centimetres, these Ford tractors has an operating weight of 3 374 kilogrammes. These models are equipped with a rear type II 3-point hitch which offers a draft sensing load monitor control. It has an independent power take-off (PTO) with a rear RPM of 540/1000.

When you are looking at Ford tractors for sale the serial number can give you information on the year that the tractor was manufactured. C450700 models were manufactured in 1975 while C490300 models were produced in 1976.


A serial number of C527300 means that it was manufactured in 1977. C560500 tractors were made in 1978 while C595800 dates back to 1979. Later models include the C635700 and C660700 which were manufactured in 1980 and 1981 respectively.

The 7600 model has utility chassis. The 7600 models offer 4×2 2WD chassis or 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. These models have outboard planetary final drives as well as mechanical rear differential lock. Power assist makes it easier to manoeuvre these Ford tractors.

Differential wet disc brakes offer the driver effective stopping power. When it comes to hydraulics the pressure of these models is 144.8 bar with a pump flow of 36.7 Ipm. It has an electric alternator charging system with 51 amps. The battery offers 12 Volts with 128 amp hours.


The 7600 tractors have an open operator station. However there is also an option of an air-conditioned cab which has a heating function for the colder months. When you are looking for tractors for sale you will find that there are two different types of engines available for these models. Buyers can choose between a 4.2L 4-cycle diesel engine and a 4.4L 4 cycle diesel engine. Take a look at the engine specifications of the 7600 model tractor.

Specifications of the 7600 4.2 L Ford Tractors

EngineTurbocharged, diesel, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled
ClutchDry disc
Rated RPM2100
Starter (volts)12
Bore (mm)112
Stroke (mm)107

*Note: A larger Blue Power Special engine was also available in 1981. Featuring a rated RPM of 2100, this 4.4 L turbocharged diesel tractor features a bore and stroke of 112 millimetres.


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