Freightliner Columbia designed for productivity

A powerhouse of when it comes to Freightliner trucks for sale, the Columbia is a hard worker capable of getting the job done. With a lightweight cab design that offers ample space, to tough and reliable truck components, the Freightliner Columbia is definitely worth a closer look.

Comfort and Interior Features of the Freightliner Columbia

Designed not only to deliver maximum productivity and reliability, the Freightliner Columbia also boasts corner office comfort features.


Flaunting an ergonomic layout that consist of a low-mounted, wrap around dashboard, these trucks for sale from Freightliner also highlight its backlit instruments, making them easy to read, whether the sun is up or not. With LED lights that glow amber when switches and functions are activated, the driver can also enjoy a cooling and heating system providing filtered air.

Standard in the Columbia Freightliner trucks you will find the SmartShift “shift-by-wire” (consisting of automated mechanical transmission control levers) which allows the driver to choose between manual or automatic settings with the automatic transmission.

The Colombia model features cabs designed with space and comfort in mind. Apart from a focus on comfort and interior space, the cabs also incorporates stain resistant fabrics and easy to clean surfaces that, in turn, is available in a selection of colours that range to include Opal Grey and Autumn Red.

Soft lighting combined with thermal insulation allows for noise reduction and results in a cab that is designed with the driver in mind – from eye strain to fatigue.

You can also customise the Columbia’s cab to suit your driver’s specific needs. The customisations available include everything from shelving options to cabinet options. The optional AC Power Inverter allows for appliances to run from the truck’s battery power or an external source of power.

columbia freightliner trucks for sale

Image Source: Freightliner South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Also available from Freightliner is the Argosy. You can learn more about those trucks by reading our “The Freightliner Argosy – Transport Technology at its best” post. Truck and Trailer also has a selection of used Freightliner trucks to choose from.

Columbia’s Design and Easy Maintenance

The design of the Columbia Freightliner trucks are quite impressive. Purposefully designed, the body of the Freightliner Columbia is aerodynamic, going through wind tunnel tests in order to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind resistance.

Lightweight aluminium is used to construct the cab, even the three piece bumper of the truck being optimised in terms of both wind resistance and replacement cost.

Other notable exterior features that stand out with the Columbia trucks include the low sloped hoods and large windshields which allow the driver greater visibility.

columbia freightliner truck

Image Source: Freightliner South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

These Freightliner trucks for sale also kept maintenance and ease of access in mind during the design process. This results in various features that allow for easy maintenance – from the hood tilt to the easy fluid level checks.

Another notable feature that should be mentioned here include the design of the inner quarter fenders. Although designed to keep contaminant, sprays and road splash away from the truck’s engine, ease of access for maintenance reasons have not been compromised.

In terms of dimensions and mass data, you can expect the following:

Dimensions and Mass Data Freightliner Columbia
Overall Height 3 271 mm / 3.271 metres
Overall Length 7 900 mm / 7.9 metres
Overall Width2 590 mm / 2.59 metres
Wheelbase5 232 mm / 5.232 metres
Wall to Wall Turning Diameter22 920 mm / 22 .92 metres
Manufacturers Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)28 121 kilogrammes
Manufacturers Gross Combination Mass (GCM)56 000 kilogrammes
Total Unladen Mass 7 496 kilogrammes
Permissible Maximum Drawing Vehicle Mass 56 000 kilogrammes

Other dimensions of the Columbia you might be interested in include the unladen front axle mass (3 861 kilogrammes), the unladen rear axle mass (3 635 kilogrammes) and the permissible maximum vehicle mass (25 256 kilogrammes).

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Performance and Specifications of the Freightliner Columbia

Columbia Freightliner trucks are equipped with Ultrashift Plus Eaton-Fuller FO-16E313A-MHP 13 gear transmissions. Because of these trucks’ lightweight design, you are also able to benefit from a greater payload capacity. In terms of power you can choose between three reliable options on the market – Caterpillar, Mercedes and Detroit Diesel.

Freightliner Columbia
Engine MakeDetroit Diesel
Capacity12 800 cm³
Engine ConfigurationMBW4000
Maximum Power353 kW @ 1 900 rpm
450 hp @ 1 900 rpm
Maximum Torque2 100 Nm @ 1 100 rpm

Some of the standard equipment with the Columbia includes two round aluminium fuel tanks resulting in a combined capacity of 756 litres. Optional features available include the rear and front AirLiner suspension.

The Freightliner Columbia has a starting price of R 1 409 200 excluding VAT. If you are looking for great deals on used Freightliner trucks, be sure to visit You can create a Freightliner Truck Alert to get informed of the newest deals on Truck and Trailer that meet your defined requirements.

Looking for hardworking and reliable Freightliner trucks for sale? The Columbia might be the ideal solution for your business. Find great deals on used trucks by checking out what has to offer.

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