Fuso FJ built with maximum profitability in mind

Efficient, trustworthy and robust, the Fuso FJ delivers a remarkable performance. These medium commercial vehicles offer low running costs and their practical design and outstanding loading capacity set them apart from the crowd. Another reason to find a Fuso for sale is that these trucks offer you high levels of comfort. Fuso trucks are renowned for their durability and the latest FJ series is no exception. If you want to increase the productivity of your business, find Fuso trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Cab and Safety Features

The starting price of the new Fuso FJ is R 678 200. An advantage to owning these heavy duty commercial vehicles is that they offer high levels of operator comfort. The driver’s seat can be customised to meet the requirements of each operator. The driver’s seat is fully adjustable and it is complemented by a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. With conveniently located storage space, it is easy for the driver to keep the cab neat and tidy. A pleasant working environment is created with the subtle style of the roof linings and side-trim.

The driver can access important information easily as the Fuso FJ is equipped with a LED intelligent instrument cluster. The air-conditioner maintains a pleasant temperature inside the cab. During colder winter months the heater and de-froster are handy features of the FJ. The standard tool set as well as the hydraulic jack are also worth a mention.

Safety features are an important factor to consider when you are selecting a commercial vehicle. The new Fuso FJ is equipped with thicker brake linings which enhance the braking performance of these trucks. Their increased durability reduces downtime as well as maintenance costs. An important safety feature of these trucks is their front anti-roll bars.

The wider wheel track also functions to increase stability. Construction models are equipped with rear anti-roll bars which are especially useful when transporting taller loads. ABS offers the driver additional support during emergency situations. The reverse warning buzzer helps to improve the safety of operating these Fuso trucks. Seatbelts play a role in preventing serious injury if a collision takes place.

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Gearshifts, Drivetrain and Chassis

The Fuso FJ has a six-speed transmission which delivers smooth gear changes. The design of the transmission increases efficiency while reducing driver fatigue. The outcome of a more alert driver is improved productivity and safety, which makes this model a suitable commercial vehicle. Another reason to find Fuso trucks for sale is that they are equipped with robust chassis and an increased number of springs which functions to increase the maximum payload of these models.

The chassis design also offers enhanced stability and improved strength. The new Fuso FJ is equipped with robust engines which offer high levels of fuel efficiency. The oil-lubricated fuel pump as well as the reduced engine speed function to decrease wear. These medium commercial vehicles boast unit fuel injectors as well as an increased boost pressure which help to support efficient burning of fuel.

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Image source: Fuso website

Specifications of the Fuso FJ

Fuso trucks come with the option of the FJ16-230S, FJ16-230L and FJ26-280C models. When it comes to selecting the right heavy duty commercial vehicles to add to your fleet, you will need to carefully consider the requirements of your business operations. If you are looking for a Fuso for sale, take a look at the table below to compare the specifications of the different models in the range.

Engine model6S20 1706S20 1706S20 205
Capacity6 373 cc6 373 cc6 373 cc
Output170 kW@ 2 200 rpm170 kW@ 2 200 rpm205 kW@ 2 200 rpm
Torque810 Nm @ 1 200 rpm810 Nm @ 1 200 rpm1 100 Nm @ 1 600 rpm
Torque delivery4 x 24 x 26 x 4
Maximum speed90 kph90 kph90 kph
Manufacturers GVM16 600 kg16 600 kg27 500 kg
Manufacturers GCM24 000 kg24 000 kg27 500 kg
Starting priceR 678 200R 689 000R 925 000

With their robust design and impressive features, it is easy to see why finding Fuso trucks for sale is a popular option. If you want to take the productivity of your business to the next level, Fuso FJ trucks won’t let you down.

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