Get the mechanical advantage with Sany Cranes

Maximise the productivity of your company with Sany cranes. Truck cranes are useful on construction sites as they offer both power and mobility. With a range of Sany cranes for sale, you can pick the model which meets the requirements of your company best.

A closer look at the Crane Truck

A crane truck incorporates a truck boom with truck chassis and tires. While it is similar to a track crane its tires enable it to move to different locations without a trailer.

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Outriggers function to keep the crane truck stable when the boom is being operated. As well as offering stability, the outriggers also enable the crane to lift heavy weights. Without the outriggers the maximum weight would be limited to the weight that the tires are capable of supporting.

stc250 crane

Sanu STC250 | Image Source: Sany Global Website.

One of the benefits of finding these types of cranes for sale is that they can lift heavy items and place them into position easily. Truck cranes offer both convenience and efficiency which helps to increase the productivity of your business. Without a crane it is difficult to lift heavy items into position and it is not easy to find other machinery which performs this function.

While a truck crane can be used it is slow-moving and it is difficult to move between different locations. The truck crane was developed during World War I. During the war, countries needed to move heavy equipment which created the need for mobile cranes.

Rubberized truck cranes were not permitted to travel on public roads and the crane booms were mounted on truck chassis to resolve this issue. Since then a wide range of reputable manufacturers has refined the design of truck cranes.

sany group

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Truck cranes play a vital role in the international construction industry and, if you are looking for cranes for sale, take a look at our overview of Sany cranes.

Sany Cranes

Sany Group Co Ltd was established in 1989 and over the years the company has gone from success to success. Since its inception Sany has been committed to developing premium products which contribute to humanity.

Through their extensive experience in the industry combined with innovative developments, Sany has become a leading equipment manufacturer on the international market. Sany South Africa was established in 2012.

With its main offices in Johannesburg, Sany South Africa sells products locally as well as in Angola and the Congo. With Sany’s reputation for excellence it is easy to see why so many construction companies choose to add Sany cranes to their core equipment. Take a look at some of the Sany cranes for sale on the South African market.

The STC100C Sany Crane Truck

You can find a new STC1000C truck mounted crane for sale on Truck and Trailer. This STC 1000 C model has a maximum lifting weight of 100 tons. Its height with fly jib is 77.5 m while its fly jib length is 18 m.

The STC1000C is a 2016 model which is equipped with a 8-cylinder Mercedes Benz engine which delivers 350 kW of power. It has a 450 litre gearbox. This crane truck has a durable frame with 5 axles and 14 tires. It has a manual/automatic gearbox with 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

sany stc1000 crane

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Sany STC250

The Sany STC250 is another option if you are looking for cranes for sale. This model has a maximum lifting weight of 25 tons. It has a height with fly jib of 41.5 m and a fly jib length of 8 m. This 2016 model is equipped with a Dongfeng-Cummins 6-cylinder ISLe 29030 diesel engine which delivers 213 kW of energy.

This crane truck has a 300 litre fuel tank with a fast 8 speed gearbox. The strong frame is supported by 3 axles and 10 tyres.

sany stc250 for sale

The Sany STC500

The Sany STC500 truck mounted crane delivers a powerful performance. Its durable design and mobility offer your company a performance that you can rely on. This 2016 model has a maximum lifting weight of 50 tons and a fly jib length of 16 m.

The Dongfeng-Cummins 6-cylinder ISLe 340 30 turbo diesel engine delivers a power of 250 kW. It has a diesel fuel tank of 300 litres and a 9 speed synchroniser gearbox. The STC500 Sany crane truck has 4 axles and 12 tires.

sany stc500 for sale

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