Go get it with the EC210B Prime Volvo Excavator

The Volvo excavator will definitely wow you. This excavator is an exciting addition to Volvo’s excavator range and a great excavator for mining and construction businesses. You are almost guaranteed that this Volvo equipment will add value to your business operations. Browse through the Volvo excavator for sale advertised on Truck & Trailer.

volvo excavator

Image Source: Volvo Construction South Africa website

The EC210B Prime Volvo Excavator Safety and quality

Volvo as a brand is well known for building safe vehicles. Most Volvo equipment comes built with a high degree of safety. With the Volvo EC210 safety is one of the core values built into this Volvo excavator. The Volvo team has added a lot of safety features.

You will find in this Volvo construction equipment anti-slip steps and platforms. These platforms are punched with steel plates in order to make sure they have more grip even during wet and icy weather conditions. In addition to this safety feature, the Volvo EC210’s tumbler has been lengthened in order to make it more stable. The stability makes it more robust when stationary.

The excavator has been built with recessed bolts on the superstructure. The idea behind this is to make the walking areas less risky by reducing the trip hazards, adding more safety to the Volvo excavator.

the cabin of the ec210b

Image Source: Volvo Construction South Africa website

Uptime and Efficiency of the EC210B Prime Volvo Excavator

Volvo equipment is widely known for its efficiency. One interesting feature in this Volvo construction equipment is the Volvo telematics feature. This feature is not so much for the safety of the driver, it is a feature that keeps your fleet safe by tracking the location of each of your Volvo EC210 excavators.

The telematics system built into the Volvo EC210 also helps you save time and money by reducing optimising your Volvo excavator to reduce your fuel costs and maximize your excavator’s uptime.

With this Volvo construction equipment you will also have the option of additional features such as; CareTrack standard- which helps you access the machine’s working hours and current location.

Operations features include features that help you by reporting how each machine is being used and whether it is operating in an optimal and efficient manner, production features that show the Volvo equipment’s true productivity, Anti Theft features that will show you whether that amazingly priced excavator for sale is stolen or not and an API that enables CareTrack data.

two volvo ecavators

Image Source: Volvo Construction South Africa website

The crawler excavator is also known to be built for running and it runs very well. On top of being built well, this crawler excavator also comes with great customer support. The Volvo team has a PROSIS system that is a CD-ROM application that makes it quicker for your Volvo dealer to help you order new parts as and when you need them for your crawler excavator.

In addition to this, Volvo has also added the MATRIS report to Volvo’s system. This system allows you to have a detailed historical analysis with regards to the efficiency of your excavator. This means that if you find an excavator for sale you can rest assured knowing that you will be buying a Volvo excavator that is not going to be a huge maintenance burden.

The crawler’s operator cab is built with safety and comfort in mind. This cab allows for easier access through a very wide door opening. In order to reduce any shock and vibration, the Volvo excavator is supported by hydraulic dampening mounts. These mounts also allow for the absorption of noise levels, reducing the overall noise you hear while you are driving this excavator.

volvo excavator at work

Image Source: Volvo Construction South Africa website

EC210B Prime Volvo Excavator Specifications

Before you look for a Volvo excavator for sale you may want to look at the specifications of the excavator. Here is a breakdown of the specifications to expect with this crawler excavator.

EngineVolvo D6E EAE2
Power Output @ 30 r/s1800 rpm
Displacement5.7 litres
Max Torque @ 1350 rpm730 Nm
Voltage24 Volts
Hydraulic tank160 litres
Travel reduction unit2 X 5.8 litre

With these specifications you can get a better understanding of what to expect with this Volvo excavator. On top of the features listed in the above table, if you find a Volvo excavator for sale and decide to buy one you will also get other interesting features such as a comprehensive electrical system.

This is a high capacity system that will give you a waterproof double lock harness plug that helps ensure that the connections on your excavator remain corrosion free. In addition to this, the electrical system also comes built with contronics.

crawler excavator ec210b

Image Source: Volvo Construction South Africa website

This is an advanced monitoring system that helps you keep a close eye on important diagnostic information. This is very important for any excavator owner looking at taking a proactive approach towards maintenance.

If this Volvo excavator excites you, you can find a Volvo excavator for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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