Ground-breaking performance of the DX225LCA Doosan excavator

Doosan is known for manufacturing quality machinery, the Doosan DX225LCA being no exception. If you are in the process of acquiring equipment and machinery for your business, be sure to look for a quality Doosan excavator for sale on Truck & Trailer.

doosan dx225lca

Image source: Doosan South Africa website

The DX225LCA Doosan excavator will dig, lift, and load, just like any other crawler excavator and can be used to forge trenches and holes, and lift objects across your job site all the same. The value of this model from Doosan is the added focus on optimising the comfort for you, the driver, maximizing fuel efficiency, and ensuring a reliable performance.

Performance Features of the Doosan DX225LCA

The Doosan Electronic Power Optimising System (e-EPOS) is thought of by the engineers at Doosan to be the brain of the Doosan DX225LCA. e-EPOS is what connects the engine and the hydraulic system in efficient synchrony translating engine output into a smooth hydraulic performance which to you, the driver of this hydraulic excavator, will feel like a simple and controlled ride.

The A CAN (Controller Area Network) system acts as a reassuring backup, keeping transmission between the engine and hydraulic system flowing and constant so you will not worry about the excavator skipping a beat. The hydraulic pump has a capacity of 2 x 206.5 l/min, high capacity meaning shorter cycle times and higher pilot line efficiency.

The swing drive reduces shocks during rotations powered by a huge amount of torque for the shorter cycles. The travel mechanism on the Doosan crawler excavator has been changed internally to be stronger, more durable, and provide a smoother run all around.

dx225lca at work didding

Image source: Doosan South Africa website

The engine is a 6-cylinder engine, water cooled for safe and consistent running. The engine works as the heart of the excavator, working in tandem with the e-EPOS system to deliver consistent, powerful results.

Choose between operating modes with features such as automatic deceleration to optimise performance and fuel efficiency. This crawler excavator is so smart that it even has a self-diagnosis feature that detects technical issues and allows them to be attended to quickly.

Cab and Cab Interior of the DX225LCA

While some construction companies may focus solely on performance, and others obsessing only on providing luxury interior that’s pretty, but with not much going on under the hood, Doosan delivers a wonderful balance of performance and play.

The cab of this hydraulic excavator model from Doosan is designed to optimise the comfort and productivity of the driver, as after all, it is the driver that holds the excavator’s work rate in his or her hands. Doosan excavators deliver safety and ergonomics in a balance that do not compromise each other.

doosan dx225lca operator cabin

Image source: Doosan South Africa website

The DX225LCA comes with air conditioning with 5 different operating modes, a 2 stage gliding adjustable seat with lumbar support and an optional air suspension seat that reduces vibrations to your body as well as heats the seat to keep you comfortable even during the winter or on cold nights.

The control panel is made simply and is well positioned to create an easy flowing work environment for yourself inside the cab. You also have the option to install an MP3/CD player with easy-to-reach controls so your work will not suffer for your simultaneous enjoyment.

Enjoy other features in the Doosan DX225LCA cab such as a mobile phone compartment, 12 V power socket, and a cigarette lighter. Visibility has been improved from previous models in all directions and drivers familiar with past excavators will be delighted at the increased cab size on the DX225LCA model.

The multi-function colour LCD monitor panel gives you more control over the operation of the machine. Here you can control operating modes, flow rate, and see information pertaining to the maintenance of your Doosan excavator.

Frame, Stability, and Strength

While the performance and quality of the work on your job site is up to you and your crew, the performance and durability of your excavator is up to the Doosan team. Doosan uses advanced computer-assisted design technologies to build you an excavator with a sturdy frame that will stand up to your toughest jobs, time and time again.

This excavator is supported at its core by an X-chassis to provide the most structurally sound and durable chassis that this Doosan hydraulic excavator can handle. The X-chassis on the excavator was designed with Finite Element Analysis amongst other advanced technology to achieve optimise stability. The D-type frame reinforces the x-chassis by providing extra strength and absorbing shocks that may affect the stability of the chassis.

dx225lca lifting power

Image source: Doosan South Africa website

The strengthened boom structure on this crawler excavator has a greater thickness allowing for better load distribution. The arm assembly constructed with cast elements and reinforcements allow the arm and boom to last longer than those on your normal excavators.

Doosan excavators are made with excellence down to the finest detail. The sintered metal bushing on all front pivot points are lubricated enough to extend greasing intervals to up to 250 hours so you spend less time on maintenance and more time on the job.

The track spring and idler on the Doosan DX225LCA have been combined to increase the up time of your excavator. The tracks chain is made up of sealed, self-lubricating links locked down away from damaging exterior conditions, giving you enduring durability.

Serviceability and Technical Specifications

While this Doosan crawler excavator was made to reduce any time spent out of the cab and working on fixing the excavator, Doosan still assures excavator operators that the time spent on maintenance will be as low as possible due to the serviceability.

This hydraulic excavator comes with features such as a high functioning engine oil filter that filters 99.5% of particles, stretching your oil changes to 500 hours between oil changes. The air is filtered too to reduce engine contamination.

dx225lca on duty

Image source: Doosan South Africa website

The fuse box is inside the cab to reduce outside interference and convenient access to the driver. All parts are unexposed, yet accessible on the top and side panels. e-EPOS monitoring can be analysed and even printed to help you solve the trickiest of maintenance issues.

Piston Displacement5785 cm3
Bore and Stroke102 mm x 118 mm
Nominal Flywheel Power116 kW (155 HP) at 1900 rpm
110 kW (148 HP) at 1900 rpm
Maximum Torque61.5 kgf/m (603 Nm) at 1400 rpm

Looking to invest in a quality crawler excavator? Visit Truck & Trailer now and find the perfect Doosan excavator for sale in no time. With great equipment and machinery to choose from, you are sure to find the right equipment for the job.

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