Grow your business with UD Quester trucks

Expand your business by investing in UD Quester trucks. You’ll enjoy a boost in productivity levels, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced downtime. There’s a wide selection of models to choose from in the UD Quester truck range, which makes it easy to find a variation that matches your requirements. Find durable vehicles for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Diverse range of applications

The UD Quester truck range is designed to meet a diverse range of transportation needs. There are eight variations to choose from with a broad selection of wheelbases. The comfortable sleeper cab, excellent fuel efficiency, and durable drivelines make these trucks suitable for long-haul transport.

There are also models in the UD Quester truck range that are well-suited to distribution applications. The dependability and manoeuverability of these trucks make them ideal for distribution tasks. UD Quester models are built to cope with the high payloads and tough conditions that are associated with the construction and mining industries.


  • Quester GDE
  • Quester GKE
  • Quester CGE
  • Quester CQE
  • Quester CWE
  • Quester CDE

Outstanding fuel efficiency

The outstanding fuel economy the UD Quester trucks offer decreases running costs. The wide driveline makes it possible to adjust the efficiency of the powertrain so that it achieves optimum efficiency consistently.

The result is an impressive fuel efficiency without compromising the vehicle’s performance. A decrease in air resistance contributes to the level of fuel efficiency that the UD Quester truck range offers. These vehicles are designed to decrease aerodynamic drag, which results in lower levels of wind resistance.

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You’ll also benefit from reduced fuel consumption per ton of cargo that is being transported. The fuel coaching system is a handy feature of UD Quester trucks as it guides the driver on the optimal time to shift gears or to apply the brakes.

The telematics system collects useful information from trips that can be used to increase efficiency even more. Another advantageous feature of this model is the road speed limiter, which prevents the truck from travelling at higher speeds that compromise its fuel efficiency.

Excellent driver efficiency

UD Quester trucks boast comfortable cabins, which are designed to offer drivers a pleasant work environment. The spacious interior decreases driver fatigue during longer trips. Not only do these cabins boost the operator’s performance, but they also contribute to higher safety levels.

A highlight of these trucks is their ergonomic dashboards. The controls are easy to access and convenient to use. These vehicles are equipped with big 4.5” displays, which makes it easy to review important information. Other noteworthy features of the cabin include an ergonomic driver seat and a large bunk size.

Safety is improved by the roof hatch, which provides an escape route in emergencies. The cab suspension is designed to decrease vibrations in the cab and to reduce maintenance expenses.

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Impressive reliability

With their flexible and durable frame, the UD Quester trucks deliver a performance you can depend on. A heavy-duty chassis contributes to their reliability. Thorough testing ensures that the chassis meets international standards for durability, economy, and longevity.

When the going gets tough, it pays to have a Quester truck on your side. The 6x4T/R is equipped with T-ride suspension at the back, which enables this model to tackle tough terrain with ease. Rubber springs improve the comfort levels these trucks offer.

The transmission has been developed from innovative technology, to ensure that it can handle tough environments. The strength of the cabin ensures that it provides a safe work environment for the driver.

With so many benefits to owning UD Quester trucks, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Need some help reaching your business goals? Find robust vehicles for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Grow your business with UD Quester trucks | Truck & Trailer
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Grow your business with UD Quester trucks | Truck & Trailer
Expand your business by investing in UD Quester trucks. You’ll enjoy a boost in productivity levels, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced downtime.
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