Pave a smooth way with a Hamm Pneumatic tyre roller

Are you looking for a capable and durable construction vehicle? Hamm Pneumatic tyre rollers are designed to deliver an efficient performance that you can rely on. Their innovative technology and advanced design set these rollers apart from the crowd. Read our blog to learn more about the GRW 18 rubber rollers. If you want to take the productivity of your business to the next level, you can buy construction equipment on Truck & Trailer.

construction vehicle, construction equipment, hamm rollers

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What are they used for?

Rubber tyre rollers are an important piece of construction equipment. They’re used to enhance the efficiency of the paving process. These machines assist with the compaction of asphalt to ensure that a consistent surface is produced. When compared to steel drum rollers, these machines offer a denser compaction by kneading the asphalt with its oscillating tyres. Another advantage of using rubber tyre rollers is that they seal the asphalt by pushing the large aggregate down and allowing the small aggregate to move to the surface. This process removes gaps which helps to prevent water leaks. This construction vehicle can be used for medium and large sized jobs. Ultimately, rubber tyre rollers play a role in producing paving that is durable and smooth.

GRW 18 Ham Pneumatic Tyre Rollers

The GRW 18 Hamm rollers make ballasting easy. The design of this machine features tyre overlap at both the front and back of the roller which results in consistent compaction. Weight is distributed evenly to ensure that a denser compaction is achieved. The end result is an enhanced surface quality. The GRW 18 is designed to handle challenging terrain. This rubber wheeled roller is convenient to operate, which enhances efficiency and productivity.

construction vehicle, construction equipment, hamm rollers

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The highlights of the GRW construction equipment include outstanding visibility. These rollers are designed to offer an overview of the surrounding area, which makes compaction more efficient as well as safer. A big driver’s platform or cabin is available for this model, which offers a pleasant work environment for enhanced productivity. The GRW 18 is easy to service and it decreases downtime and contributes to the longevity of the machine. The big footplates make it convenient to reach the maintenance platform. The advanced braking system plays a vital role in protecting the operator as well as the machine. Another noteworthy feature of the GRW rage is its variable ballasting concept.

Technology and specifications

When it comes to road building, the GRW 18 Hamm rollers are equipped with cutting-edge technology so that they can deliver impressive results. Highlights of this model are its HAMM temperature meter as well as its HCQ – HAMM Compaction Quality.
The operating weight for this construction vehicle is 15 045 kg, which includes the cab. The width of the tyres is 1 744mm. It has a power rate of 85 kW at 2 300rpm. The ISO 14 396 for this model is 115.6 PS. The GRW 18 meets the EU Stage IIIA and The EPA Tier 3 emission standards.

construction vehicle, construction equipment, hamm rollers

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Now that you know more about the advantages of owning GRW 18 Hamm Pneumatic Tyre rollers, you can look for construction equipment online.

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