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Are you looking for heavy duty trucks for sale? Adding a good quality truck to your fleet boosts the efficiency and productivity of your business and nothing delivers like DAF CF Trucks. Reliability and performance are two primary concerns when reviewing trucks. DAF trucks for sale are renowned for their trustworthy performance and durable design. Their trucks have proved their extraordinary capabilities time and again.

To get you started, take a look at our informative blog on the DAF CF 85.410 FTT HR 1355 and CF85.410 FTT SR 1360.

daf cf truck

Image Source: DAF CF Series Brochure | DAF Website.

The DAF CF Series

The DAF CF series delivers a powerful and reliable performance. Built to cope with the challenges of intensive use, the DAF CF85 outperforms the rest in every situation. Their dynamic performance makes them suitable to a wide range of applications.

DAF CF trucks are well-suited to heavy-duty tasks in the construction industry. They can be used for the collection of garbage or for bulk transportation. These trucks are also suitable for use in general distribution.

Driving dynamics and performance of the DAF CF85

DAF trucks offer you unparalleled driving dynamics. At the heart of these trucks are its extraordinary driving properties as well as its outstanding manoeuvrability. The attention-to-detail is evident in the CF85 design.

daf truck for sale

Image Source: DAF CF Series Brochure | DAF Website.

The chassis, steering and brakes are perfectly matched to maximise the performance of these heavy-duty trucks. Another reason to find DAF trucks for sale is their high torque engines. The focus of their cab design is on comfort and the ergonomically designed cabs function to decrease driver fatigue and increase productivity.

The DAF CF 85.410 FTT HR 1355 and DAF CF85.410 FTT are equipped with PACCAR MX 300 engines which have a displacement of 12.9 litres. The engine is regulated by an electronic unit pump and it is fitted with a hydraulically operated MX engine brake.

For an overview of the specifications of these two heavy duty trucks for sale, take a look at the table below.

Specifications of the DAF CF85 Trucks

DAF CF 85.410 FTT HR 1355CF85.410 FTT SR 1360
Displacement (litre)12.912.9
Output (kW @ rpm)300 @ 1500 - 1900300 @ 1500 - 1900
Torque (Nm @ rpm)2000 @ 1000 - 14102000 @ 1000 - 1410

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The DAF CF 85.410 FTT SR 1360 has an 890 litre aluminium tank with a mounted RH side. It is also equipped with a fuel tank strainer. The lockable fuel tank cap offers the truck extra protection from theft of fuel. The HR 1355 has a 620 litre aluminium tank with a mounted RH side. It also has a fuel tank which can be locked.

Extraordinary DAF CF85 Cab Design

Both of these heavy-duty trucks have a cab which is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The cab is designed to offer the driver support which results in better productivity and increased safety. The cab has a single sleeper bunk which provides the driver with a place to rest.

The 4-point suspension plays a role in increasing the comfort levels inside the cab. Convenience features of these DAF trucks for sale include electric windows and cruise control. The air conditioning keeps the cab at a pleasant temperature even during the hot summer months.

cf daf trucks

Image Source: DAF CF Series Brochure | DAF Website.

These models are equipped with head lamp levelling and other features of these models include Hill Start Assist and Downhill Speed Control.

Dimensions of the DAF CF Trucks

The DAF CF trucks have a wheelbase 3900 mm. Their overall length is 6740 mm and their overall unladen height is 3051 mm. These trucks have a chassis cab width of 2484 mm. The outer turning radius from kerb to kerb is 7525 mm. DAF trucks are protected from corrosion which increases the durability of these models.

Now that you know more about the DAF CF85, you can start browsing Truck & Trailer to find DAF trucks for sale. If you are looking for a truck that you can rely on to get the job done, DAF trucks are a good choice. Their performance and design increases efficiency while decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.

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