Heavy Duty Linde Forklifts: The H 100 – H 180

In the market for material handling equipment? Linde offers a range of forklift options, their heavy duty H 100 to H 180 range featuring everything from a high precision hydrostatic drivetrain to a high torque diesel engine. Heavy duty in every way, offering forklift truck capacities starting at 10 000 kilogrammes all the way up to 18 000 kilogrammes, these Linde forklifts are definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a forklift for sale.

These all-rounder forklifts are designed for both pallet and non-pallet operation, resulting in a heavy duty forklift that is capable of empty container handling, rugged and fit for a range of industrial applications.

h 100 d to h 180 d linde forklifts

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website / Product Brochure.

Safety of Linde’s Heavy Duty Material Handling Equipment

Safety was definitely not left out of the mix when it came to the design of these Linde forklifts. The forklift itself boast compact design features, the cab of the forklift being placed in a forward position, allowing for the maximum through-mast visibility for the operator.

Visibility is also emphasised in the design of these heavy duty beasts. The visibility around the forklift is optimised through the use of glass panels in the rear, top and sides of the cab. The windscreen is also curved allowing for a better visibility along the side screens.

material handling equipment from linde

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website.

The cabin (or compartment) also features an impacted tested load guard structure as well as an integrated overhead guard for operator safety.

H 100 – H 180 Linde Forklifts’ Performance

Through the use of the hydrostatic drive system, a Linde forklift for sale in this heavy duty range promises not only precision, but an optimised speed performance as well. The H 100 to H 180 Linde forklifts features a smooth operation through its stepless drive system, allowing for an acceleration through to its stop speed without mechanical intervention.

Combined with powerful Cummins engines, this range of material handling equipment from Linde, along with its advanced hydrostatic system not only ensures that the driver is able to engage the load with precision, but the forklift itself delivers a best in class performance along with low fuel consumption.

linde forklift performance

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website.

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Interior and comfort of the H 100 to H 180 Linde Forklifts

Mounted to a tilting frame with high density rubber mounts, the operator receives a comfortable work environment with the drive and powertrain vibrations being sufficiently supressed. Along with high visibility – mentioned earlier with the glass roof, sides and rear – even the operator’s seat has hydraulic dampening providing extra cushioning.

The operator’s controls extend to include the Linde Load Control levers, a console mounted handbrake, a twin pedal drive system, a centralised glare-free multifunctional display and a centre emergency brake.

h100d to h180d cab interior

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website.

In terms of the truck controls, you will find everything from an automatic control of engine speed to a reliable electronic controller.

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Productivity and Reliability

In terms of reliability, this forklift for sale is equipped with a proven hydrostatic drive system and power unit, giving you peace of mind. Testing done on the lifting device and mast ensures not only security when it comes to operation, but endurance and a long operational life as well.

In terms of productivity, you can rely on everything from the operational characteristics of the twin pedal drive system and the hydrostatic drive system, to the hydraulic Linde Load Control to aid in limiting driver fatigue, resulting in a higher productivity.

linde forklift maintenance

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website / Product Brochure.

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Standard equipment for the Linde heavy duty forklifts

Standard with a wide range of equipment, you can expect your Linde forklifts to be equipped with pneumatic tyres, a standard mast (with a lift height of 4 000 mm), a manual fork carriage system and a fork carriage (with a width of 2 545 mm).

Other standard equipment that comes with these forklift models include, but is most definitely not limited to, the Linde Load Control and Linde Twin Drive Pedals, demand-controlled hydrostatic power steering and a central display (with important truck functions such as clock, hour meter, servicing information and fuel gage).

forklift for sale from linde

Image Source: Linde Material Handling Website.

An audible reverse warning alarm, roller mounted forks, a dustbowl air intake filter, engine intake air cleaner, adjustable steering column and an abundance of storage space and compartments are just some of the standard equipment you can expect to find on your Linde forklift for sale.

Performance and specifications of the H 100 to H 180 Linde Forklifts

If you are thinking of finding a Linde forklift for sale from this heavy duty truck range, you can expect material handling equipment equipped with a powerful, six cylinder diesel motor delivering a maximum torque of 800 Nm at 1 400 rpm, and a rated power of 129 kW at 2 200 rpm.

These low speed, high torque diesel engines are also beautifully matched with hydraulic service pump requirements and the hydrostatic drive system.

Heavy Duty Linde forklifts Travel Speed (With Load | Without Load) Lifting Speed
(With Load | Without Load)
Lower Speed
(With Load | Without Load)
Acceleration Time
(With Load | Without Load)
Load CapacityEngine performance (ISO 1585)Rated Speed
(1 / min)
H100/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.52 m/s | 0.56 m/s0.52 m/s | 0.46 m/s5.5 s | 4.6 s10.0 t129 kW2 200
H120/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.52 m/s | 0.54 m/s0.53 m/s | 0.47 m/s5.5 s | 4.6 s12.0 t129 kW2 200
H140/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.41 m/s | 0.44 m/s0.54 m/s | 0.42 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s14.0 t129 kW2 200
H150/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.41 m/s | 0.44 m/s0.54 m/s | 0.42 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s15.0 t129 kW2 200
H160/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.4 m/s | 0.45 m/s0.55 m/s | 0.41 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s16.0 t129 kW2 200
H180/60027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.37 m/s | 0.34 m/s0.53 m/s | 0.32 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s18.0 t129 kW2 200
H100/120027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.42 m/s | 0.45 m/s0.55 m/s | 0.43 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s10.0 t129 kW2 200
H120/120027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.42 m/s | 0.45 m/s0.55 m/s | 0.43 m/s6.2 s | 5.4 s12.0 t129 kW2 200
H140/120027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.4 m/s | 0.46 m/s0.56 m/s | 0.45 m/s6.1 s | 5.3 s14.0 t129 kW2 200
H160/120027.9 km/h | 30 km/h0.4 m/s | 0.46 m/s0.56 m/s | 0.45 m/s6.1 s | 5.3 s16.0 t129 kW2 200

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