Heavy Duty UD Trucks – A look at the Quon Range

When looking for heavy duty trucks you may have a lot of boxes to tick before you’ve found the right one for your needs, budget and goals. Regardless of your work, you know that reliability and dependability are essential on your list. UD is a company that manufactures heavy duty trucks for your toughest jobs. They engineer their heavy duty UD trucks for ultimate dependability – so much so that it’s in their name. Browse through some of the UD trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

UD Quon Range

While all UD trucks have their merits, we’re here to feature the UD Quon range. These truck tractors are the heavy duty vehicles of UD trucks. The Quon range is described by the Japanese brand as the “embodiment of smart logistics,” with a focus on high-quality materials, increased uptime, increased fuel-efficiency and a well-designed body.

ud quon gw

Image Source: UD Trucks South Africa Website.

The Cab

The cab on the UD Quon CW is built with driver efficiency in mind. Driver efficiency is apparent through the comfortable, ergonomic cabin that will surely increase any driver’s productivity when sitting in the UD Quon CW.

The air suspension cabin sits on top of a 4-point wide tread air suspension mounting system. This is fancy talk for a stable cabin that won’t jolt you out of your seat even on the roughest terrains. You will definitely be kept in comfort by the ergonomic design planned out by the UD Quon CW engineers and designers.

The field of view is wide and all controls and instruments are easily accessible so that you don’t spend any time reaching and fumbling around for anything that will distract you from the road. The roof of the UD Quon CW cab is a wonder. With an extra 380mm of roof space you can stand up inside your cab for a break.

ud quon cw

Image Source: UD Trucks South Africa Website.

When you’re working and not standing marveling at all of the roof space on the UD Quon CW, you can sit comfortably on an air suspension seat with a large headrest to keep you comfortable even on long drives. The co-pilot seat is an added bonus because it can seat an assistant or be used as a flat down bed. There is a sleeper bed with plenty of overhead space to avoid feeling cramped.

The Chassis

The chassis on the redesigned UD Quon CW is different than those on most heavy duty trucks in that it is lighter. One of the lightest ones on the market, this chassis is designed for efficiency allowing you to carry a payload of up to 200 kg, an efficiency that definitely increases the productivity of your crew.

The frame is made of high quality cold-formed high tensile carbon steel, meaning that it is strong and made to give you optimal stability, payload capacity and durability. The axle design on these UD trucks gives an enhanced GVW capacity to strengthen the light chassis. The rear suspension on this truck tractor is built to last.

With a focus on attaining a balance between stability and carrying capacity, the UD Quon CW is a balanced heavy duty truck for you. The focus of the UD Quon CW chassis is the high quality build and components that it boasts. High quality materials were not put in to drive up the price but to keep the weight down.

quon gw ud truck

Image Source: UD Trucks South Africa Website.

This all leads to a fuel-efficient and productive truck tractor. The 4-spoke steering wheel has been designed for a better grip. The 5 inch LCD multi-display screen is your control panel with all of your gauges and other information. The dashboard design is a slick black with silver trim giving the cab of the UD Quon CW a sleek yet sporty look.

Engine and Transmission

The UD Quon range boasts a GH11 engine. If you haven’t heard of this engine before its merits come in its impressive balance between torque, fuel efficiency and driveability. The GH11 engine available on the UD trucks: UD Quon GW, UD Quon GK, and the UD Quon CW comes with many impressive features for an engine on a truck tractor.

ud quon gk

Image Source: UD Trucks South Africa Website.

The ESCOT-V system on UD trucks is the heart of the driveability and fuel efficiency. The system works in tandem with the engine to read the road to quickly shift into the most efficient gear for you, shifting automatically for a smoother ride than any driver can provide. The torque of this engine runs at less than 1000 rpm.

This, combined with the efficiency of the ESCOT-V system allows for increased fuel efficiency on these UD trucks. Enjoy extra features such as an engine brake with UD EEB, a fast braking system that gives you ultimate control even on hills. While you’re going downhill, the ESCOT-V system keeps you safe and saves your fuel too.

The engine will disengage so that the truck tractor goes down smoothly, powered by its inertia instead of burning petrol. There is even an Acceleration Limiter, a feature that smooths out any aggressive acceleration that teaches you overtime how to accelerate in a way that works with your engine and fuel usage. How great is that?

If you buy new, you can take advantage of the ESCOT_VI system on new UD trucks. This gives you 12-speed automated manual transmissions, disc brakes, and other great features. The hardware of the ESCOT-VI allows for smooth gear changing and control.

The UD Quon GW series known for its container and excavation truck tractors has a 13 liter 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine with a Front Under-Run Protection System.

The UD Quon GK comes with the G11 engine and a Nenpioh guidance system giving the driver visual and audio cues to help improve their driving.


The specifications of these UD trucks are worth mentioning. Typically, the GVW, or the gross vehicle weight will be lighter on UD Quon trucks than on most truck tractors because of their light chassis design. The engines are available in a 11 liter (GH11) or 13 liter (GH13) series. Transmissions come in either ESCOT-V, ESCOT-VI, with 7-speed manual transmission or 12-speed manual transition. The torque on UD trucks comes in under 1000 rpm, for overall reduced strain and fuel efficiency.

Quon GWQuon GKQuon CW
Axle Configuration6x46x26x4
Power300, 330, 360kW270-300kW270-360kW
Torque2,040, 2,244, 2,4481,754 – 2,0401,754 – 2,448
GVW26t17.2t26 – 30t

If you were impressed by the specs on this Japanese truck tractor powerhouse, own one today by having a look at the UD trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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