Hiab Cranes: Mobile Cranes to meet your requirements

Are you looking for a truck crane for sale? Why not consider a Hiab truck mounted crane? With Hiab’s reputation for excellence, finding a Hiab mobile crane for sale is a great choice. If you need to move cargo, finding a mobile crane or a crane truck for sale can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.


The Hiab Brand

Hiab has a history of prosperity which dates back to the 1940s. Starting out in the Swedish engineering industry the company manufactured loader cranes. Over the last 70 years Hiab has added a wide range of load handling equipment to their range.

With their innovative designs and commitment to service Hiab has become well-known for manufacturing top quality on-road load handling machinery. As a leading international supplier of equipment Hiab has a reputation for excellence. Customer satisfaction is at the core of Hiab’s global operations.

Products in their range include Hiab cranes, forklifts and tail lifts. The company belongs to Cargotec Corporation. If you are looking for a mobile crane for sale you can consider the Hiab XS 055.

The advantages of owning mobile cranes

Firstly let us determine what a mobile crane is and what the benefits of adding this machinery to your fleet are. If you are making an investment in machinery, it is good to know how it will contribute to your business.

A crane of this nature consists of a telescopic boom which is mounted onto a platform, like seen with truck mounted cranes. More complex full sized cranes are also available. The crane is designed to lift heavy items. The benefit of owning one of these cranes is that it offers easy access to hard-to-reach areas and equipment. The crane is operated by a trained professional who may work in a team to complete the loading tasks.


Truck cranes offer the advantage of being able to travel on roads so that loads can be taken to a variety of locations. An all-terrain mobile crane has the advantage of being able to handle challenging terrain.

The model that you pick will depend on the duties you need it to perform as well as the operating conditions. Take a look at the Hiab crane truck for sale to determine whether it is a good fit for your business.

The XS 055 Hiab Cranes

Strong, light and dynamic, the XS 055 Hiab cranes delivers an impressive performance. The 5 tm crane is operated manually. The versatility of this machine allows the operator to perform a wide range of functions. It is best suited to general cargo-handling duties.


Image Source: Hiab Website.

The design of the XS 055 offers equal outreach on both sides, making it a great mobile crane for sale on the market. A protective bar helps to avoid accidental commands by the operator. As well as protecting the operator and the machinery this bar also provides a place for the operator to rest their arms. VSL enables the operator to focus on their work and SPACE increases the crane’s stability. Not only does this boost performance, it also increases safety.

A truck mounted crane ideal for medium sized trucks, these Hiab cranes for sale are both compact and versatile in design. Despite its compact size, the XS 055 delivers a performance that is comparable to larger loader cranes. Its all-round capabilities add to its appeal. The SPACE 3000 intelligence system is a highlight of the CL model. This state-of-the-art technology oversees the electronic functions of this model.


Image Source: Hiab Website.

The Over Load Protection feature offers you a larger slewing area. It also monitors fault-code indication as well as load-cycle data. The hexagonal design of the boom increases stability while decreasing boom deflection. This functions to decrease maintenance expenses while boosting the efficiency of this model. The big slide pads offer smooth extensions as well as a decreased wear and tear on the machine. Attachable tools increase the diverse performance of the XS 055.

Whichever model you choose the performance of the Hiab XS 055 Duo will far exceed your expectations. Take a look at the specifications of the XS 055 Duo Hiab cranes for sale.

Specifications of the XS 055 Hiab Cranes

XS 055 B-1XS 055 D-2XS 055 D-4
Control SystemDuoDuoDuo
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m5.37.311.3
Weight (kg)730820950

Now that you know more about finding a truck crane for sale you can take a look at the models which are currently on the market. Used Hiab mobile cranes offer excellent value-for-money. With Hiab’s reputation for durability buying a second hand model is a viable option. Try out a Hiab mobile crane to test its performance for yourself.

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