A variety of options with the Hino 500 series

Hino trucks are designed to optimise the efficiency of your business operations. The wide selection of models to choose from makes it easy to find a truck that matches the needs of your company. The Hino 500 wide cab is now available with 6×4 options, which makes it possible to tackle tough terrain. As well as the introduction of 6×4 truck variations, there is also the option of an automatic transmission and extended wheelbases in the new range. You can find Hino trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

hino truck 500 fc

Image source: Hino South Africa website

Wheelbase options in the new Hino 500 range include long and super long variations and buyers will also get the option of steel springs or airbags. The upcoming range includes 6×4 trucks with the option of off-road cabs. The new Hino 500 truck is expected to be available at the beginning of 2018.

Another advantage of the new range is that there are three engines to choose from. The cab is also wider, which optimises driver comfort and efficiency, while the chassis frame is joined by bolts rather than rivets. The design of the axle results in an improved load rating and the trunnion rear suspension enables the 6×4 truck variations to include a cross differential locking system. The dashboard layout is more ergonomic and it features analogue as well as digital instrumentation. The heavy-duty variations feature full-floating cabs, which elevates driving comfort during challenging road conditions. The driver seat’s air suspension also elevates comfort levels in the Hino 500 wide cab. Other highlights of these trucks include airbags, central locking, and air-conditioning.

If you want to invest in these vehicles, take a look at an overview of some of the Hino trucks for sale currently available.

Hino 500 1018 FC

The 1018 FC Hino trucks are reliable and durable and are designed for medium and long-haul applications. These trucks can be used for catering and truck hire as well as general freight transportation. They’re also suitable for use in the bakery, hardware and agricultural industries. The 1018 FC can also be used for courier services as well as the transportation of furniture. This Hino 500 truck is available with dropside, flatdeck and van body types. It can also be paired with a tautliner body. These trucks are equipped with side impact beams, which protect the vehicle’s occupants if an accident takes place. The frame of these trucks is both robust and lightweight, and offer you improved fuel efficiency without compromising on power. Both the driver seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to maximise driver comfort. The design of the suspended pedal unit helps to reduce driver fatigue.


The Hino 500 1626 Tipper

The Hino 500 1626 Tipper is a robust truck suitable for applications with construction material, raw material, and building materials cartage and is also well-suited to handling bulk goods. They can be used for waste management and they are also a valuable asset in the agricultural industry. Both tipper and tanker body types are available for the 1626. Passive safety features are one of the reasons to find these Hino trucks for sale. Other advantages include their rust-resistant frame, impressive load capacity, and improved GVM. These trucks have been designed to meet the requirements of professional drivers.

tipper truck by hino

Image source: Hino South Africa website

Hino 500 1322 4X4 FC

The durable design of the 1322 Hino trucks makes them an excellent investment. These trucks can be used for game viewing as well as off-road applications. They’re suitable for firefighting as well as powerline and railway maintenance. The 1322 model is available with a dropside, flatdeck or van body type, while side impact beams help keep the driver safe. Highlights of these trucks include their fuel efficiency, load capacity, and GVM. They also offer the advantage of improved driver comfort and decreased driver fatigue.

hino trucks

Image source: Hino South Africa website

Now that you know more about the advantages of finding Hino trucks for sale, you can look for suitable models online. If you want to add a 6×4 truck to your fleet, there will be a selection of variations available in 2018. Hino trucks deliver a powerful performance, which boosts efficiency while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

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